The Focused Entrepreneurship Program:

The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Center at JCTC offers a full-time, 4-month accelerated program for anyone interested in starting their own business.  Classes are taught by fellow entrepreneurs, and the program includes an 18-month mentorship with a successful small business owner or corporate executive.  Previous graduates have included everything from home remodeling companies to crowd funding agencies.

The Focused Entrepreneurship program includes classes in Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management, Principles of Marketing, Entrepreneurial Accounting, Financial Management, and Strategy in Digital Marketing.

Classes in Digital Marketing:

Beginning in the spring of 2014 the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Center began offering a number of classes designed to help existing business owners better understand the world of online marketing and the specific techniques that can help them better connect with customers online. 

Advanced Social Media Marketing:

Advanced Social Media Marketing provides a comprehensive overview of social media platforms, competencies and strategies used in personal and professional marketing.    Covers the best ways to interact with customers and employers ethically and effectively, and how to develop an accurate “social fingerprint” that represents you online.    Examines various social media sites (Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Delicious, Digg, Flickr, etc.) and strategies used to take advantage of them for personal and professional development.

Google Search Engine Marketing:

Google search engine marketing has become one of the leading methods of increasing the visibility of a web site.   Properly executed, it dramatically increases the effectiveness of all other marketing efforts and as a standalone marketing method can generate significant leads and sales.   Students learn how and when to use the four main marketing tactics (Organic Search, Paid/Sponsored Listings, Contextual Listings, and Paid Inclusion), how to optimize site content, how to design and structure a site for usability, and how to develop an overall strategy. 

Ice House Entrepreneurship Program (Summers Only):

Taught during the summer, the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program is an online learning platform designed to inspire and engage participants in the fundamental concepts of entrepreneurship.  It does so by studying the life lessons of dozens of successful and unassuming entrepreneurs from every age, race, and background.

If you've ever considered opening your own business, or wanted to work for yourself and want to know if you have the right skill set, this class is for you.

Dana and Michael Bowers Scholarship:

The Dana and Michael Bowers Scholarship is available to students currently enrolled in the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Center’s Focused Entrepreneurship program. 

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