Important Notice

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  • Can I register on the phone or the Internet?
  • How can I transfer credit from CLEP, AP, or Military experiences to Jefferson? 
  • How do I add/drop a class online using student self service (PeopleSoft)?
  • How do I submit my official transcript? 
  • I have a hold on my account what does this mean and where do I go?
  • I tried registering myself and received an error. What does that mean and what do I do?
  • What do I need to start classes?
  • When can I enroll online using student self-service?
  • When will I have access to my KCTCS email account?
  • Where can I go for help or to use the computer?
  • Who completes my transcript evaluation? 
  • Will my GPA from my previous college or university affect my Jefferson GPA?
  • How do I change my major?


  • What is an academic program code and where do I find it?
  • What are the hours of the Southwest Advising Center?
  • What are the hours for the Downtown Advising Center?
  • How do I contact an advisor on the Bullitt County Campus?
  • How do I contact an advisor on the Carrollton Campus?
  • How do I contact an advisor on the Downtown Campus?
  • How do I contact an advisor on the Shelby County Campus?
  • How do I contact an advisor on the Southwest Campus?
  • How do I contact an advisor on the Technical Campus?

Cashier/Payment FAQs:

  • Can I pay my bill/tuition Online?
  • Do you take MasterCard, Visa or Discover?
  • How can I check the status of my financial aid/third party payment?
  • How to access grades, schedules, account, payment, and financial aid information.
  • I’m enrolled but I have decided not to attend, what do I need to do?
  • My name is not listed correctly in Email/Student Self Service. How do I get it corrected?
  • What is the payment deadline for the upcoming semester?
  • Do I have to pay for my classes when I register?

Direct Loans:

  • With the Direct Loan program who will I make repayment to?
  • What steps do I need to take in order to get a Direct Loan?
  • What are the benefits of using the Direct Loan Program (DL)?
  • Why do I have to start over if I already have federal (FFELP) loans from prior years?
  • I have prior loans from a bank, what options do I have in repayment now that I will have FFELP Loans and Direct Loans?
  • Is my eligibility for loans and the amounts I can receive in federal loans the same in Direct Lending as it was in FFELP?
  • Can I still use my prior bank for Stafford Loans, or Parent PLUS Loans if I choose to do that?
  • How will my receipt of prior loans from banks/lenders affect my Direct Loan eligibility?
  • How much debt have you acquired?

Federal Work Study Award (FWS):

  • Federal Work Study Award (FWS)
  • What is Federal Work Study?
  • Is Federal Work Study (FWS) the same thing as Ready to Work (RTW)?
  • What is the pay rate for Federal Work Study?
  • How many hours can I work?
  • How are students chosen for Federal Work Study?

Financial Aid:

  • What school code should I use for my FAFSA?
  • If I am taking all developmental courses, am I eligible for financial aid?
  • Where is the Financial Aid office located?
  • What are the general requirements to receive financial aid?
  • After I send in my free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), how long does it take for me to know if I am eligible?
  • How many hours must I be enrolled in to receive financial aid?
  • Can I use my financial aid to get my books?
  • If I drop a class, will that affect my financial aid?
  • If I register for classes but then never attend, can I receive my financial aid?
  • Can you help with part-time employment?
  • How do I apply for and receive a student loan?
  • What does it mean if I have been selected for verification?
  • How do I apply for the CAP grant?
  • Will my financial aid automatically transfer to JCTC from the school I attended in the Fall?
  • When will I receive my refund/residual check?
  • What is SAP?
  • How long does it take for my student loan to be processed and disbursed?
  • If I have doubts about my financial aid or am unsure of anything surrounding my financial aid, what should I do?
  • What happens after completing the Financial Aid Application(s)?
  • How do I respond to the Financial Aid Letter Online?


  • Do I need to sign up for SNAP to receive messages?
  • My home phone is listed in my college contact information record, how can I still get text messages?
  • Can I sign up to receive SNAP messages at additional numbers or e-mail addresses not in my student/employee information?
  • What if I want to opt-out of receiving SNAP messages?
  • Can I receive SNAP messages if I am not a student or employee at the college?
  • I signed up to receive SNAP messages but I no longer want to receive any messages how do I close my account?
  • Will I be charged for text messages sent by SNAP?
  • What if I want to receive messages from more than one college?
  • Still have SNAP questions?

Technical FAQs:

  • Office 365:
    • Installing Office 365
    • Configure Office 365 email on an iPhone
    • Configure Office 365 on an Android Phone
    • Configure Office 365 on a Blackberry
  • When will I have access to my KCTCS email account?
  • How long will my email remain active?
  • Problems accessing my student email account.
  • Setup Outlook 2010 on my home PC

Transfer From JCTC:

  • When can a student transfer?
  • Do universities look at the ACT/SAT or high school GPA of a student?
  • Does a student have to earn an AA/AS before transfer?
  • What is reverse transfer?
  • What about selective programs and transfers?
  • What is the General Education Block transfer policy?
  • How does a student know what classes to take for transfer in their major?
  • How many credits will transfer to a four-year university?
  • Do four-year institutions look down on community college transfers?

Transfer To JCTC:

  • How do I transfer to Jefferson?
  • What courses will transfer?
  • Who completes my transcript evaluation?
  • What is an accredited College?
  • How can I tell if my previous institution was accredited?
  • Will my GPA from my previous college or university affect my Jefferson GPA?
  • How are credentials or coursework from other countries evaluated?
  • How are credit hours counted?
  • How long does it take for an evaluation to be completed?
  • How can I appeal an evaluation of an equivalent course
  • How do I look up my transfer credits in PeopleSoft?
  • How can I transfer credit from CLEP, AP, or Military experiences to Jefferson?
  • How do I submit my official transcript?
  • Additional resources and links for transfer information in Kentucky.