Courses Taken on a Pass/Fail Basis

Pass/Fail courses:
  • Pass/Fail may be selected for a maximum of two elective courses, subject to certain restrictions, by students with at least 30 credit hours and not on academic probation.
  • Courses with these grades can count toward graduation but are not used in calculating grade-point standing.
  • Courses taken on a pass-fail basis shall be limited to those considered as elective in the student’s program, and such other courses or types of courses as might be specifically approved.
  • Prerequisites for such courses may be ignored at the student’s own hazard.
  • The student is expected to participate fully in the course and take all examinations as though the student were enrolled on a regular basis.
  • Students may not change from a pass/fail basis nor from a regular basis to a pass-fail basis after the last date for entering an organized class.
  • Courses offered only on a pass-fail basis, remedial or developmental, or taken by special examination, shall not be included in the maximum number of elective courses which a student may take under these provisions

Orientation and Developmental Courses

  • Orientation and developmental college courses may be offered on a pass-fail basis and shall be for non-degree credit.
  • These courses are not used in calculating grade-point standing.

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