Repeating a Course

A student may repeat a course for the purpose of improving a grade. The course must be repeated with the same grade option as the original enrollment in the course.

The highest grade earned in a completed course shall constitute the official grade for the course and will be the only grade included within the cumulative GPA. Credit shall count only once for a KCTCS credential.

If a student has been dropped from an occupation or technical program, course enrollment may be dependent upon readmission to the program.

After a student has completed the same course twice, a division chair (or designee) in consultation with the instructor may refuse to approve a third registration in the same course, including those offered by correspondence, extension, and distance learning technology.

Subject to the approval of the division chair (or designee), a student may receive approval for a substitution of comparable courses. e.g. MT 150 may be taken as a repeat option for MA 109 and vice versa.

A student may not register in a given term for more than one course bearing the same number, except where such courses have different identifying titles.

Students planning to transfer to the University of Kentucky are advised that the University will accept only three repeat options from the community colleges.