Division Chairs

Division Campus Division Chair Email address
Allied Health  Downtown  Kara Schotter
Behavioral & Social Science  Downtown  Charles McCombs  Charles.McCombs@kctcs.edu
Business  Downtown  Dr. Pam Besser  pam.besser@kctcs.edu
Carrollton  Carrollton  Caroline Reisner  caroline.reisner@kctcs.edu
Corrections  Dennis Lawrey  dennis.lawrey@kctcs.edu
Humanities  Downtown  Marlisa Austin  Marlisa.Austin@kctcs.edu
Humanities  Southwest  Meg Matheny  meg.matheny@kctcs.edu
Natural Sciences & Mathematics  Downtown  Kathy Lowrey   kathy.lowrey@kctcs.edu
Natural Sciences & Mathematics  Southwest  Charlie Purvis  charlie.purvis@kctcs.edu
Nursing  Downtown  Sonia Rudolph  sonia.rudolph@kctcs.edu
Reading & Academic Success  Downtown  Reneau Waggoner  Reneau.Waggoner@kctcs.edu
Shelby  Shelby  Pamela Larkin  Pamela.larkin@kctcs.edu
Social Sciences & Business  Southwest  Cathy Wright  Catherine.Wright@kctcs.edu
Technology & Industry  Tech  Andy Kornowski  andy.kornowski@kctcs.edu
Technology & Related Sciences  Southwest  Bruce Jost  bruce.jost@kctcs.edu

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