Southwest Campus

What is it?

  • The COMPASS placement test is a three-part computerized test that determines a student’s reading, writing and mathematics skills.
  • It is used by academic advisors to place students into appropriate classes

Who needs it?

  • New (first time to college) students
    • 1) who have not taken ACT/SAT or Compass in high school or
    • 2) did take the ACT/SAT but did not meet the score requirements or
    • 3) did take the ACT/SAT but scores are no longer valid*.
  • See score requirements in table below:
    • Transfer (coming from another college) students –who have not completed at least 12 college-level credit hours from a regionally accredited institution, including English and math.
    • Current (in class this semester) or Returning (previously attended JCTC) students - who have not completed English or math and do not have valid* scores.

Who does not need it?

  • Students who have valid* scores in ACT/SAT/Compass do not need to take the Compass Placement test but will be placed in college level classes.

 ACT  SAT(After March 2005)  Compass
 18+ in English  430 or higher in Writing  74 in English
 20+ in Reading  470 or higher in Reading  85 in Reading
 22+ in Math for MAT 150
(MT 150)
 510 or higher in Mathematics  50 in Math(Algebra)

Longevity of Test Scores:

  • ACT/SAT/Compass scores for reading and writing are valid for five years*.
  • Scores for math are valid for two years*.
  • Students with scores older than this and have not completed English and math must take the COMPASS.

How to prepare to take the test?

When to come to the assessment center to take the COMPASS placement test:

  • If you are a new student at JCTC (first-time in college) you need to make an appointment to take the compass placement test online through the Eventbrite scheduling website.
  • Please go to the Eventbrite website to schedule your test.
  • If you are a current (in class this semester), or a returning (previously attended Jefferson), or a transfer student you need to make an appointment to take the compass placement test.
  • Please visit the Southwest campus assessment center page to access the testing schedule for current or returning or transfer students and re-testing dates to schedule your appointment. 
  • Once you know the date and time you would like to attend, please email Brandy Chamberlain to schedule your testing session.

Where to come to take the COMPASS placement test:

  • Southwest Campus Assessment Center
    • 1000 Community College Drive
    • Student Center
    • Louisville, KY 40272
  • Any student who is re-testing will be charged a re-testing fee of $7.00 per test.

What to bring on testing day:

  • Student ID number (EMPL-ID) and a photo ID are required to take the COMPASS assessment.
  • For the math section of the COMPASS you can use a calculator.
  • Please visit ACT’s website to view a list of approved calculators
  • If you don’t have a calculator there is one available to you on the computer.
    • Cell phones are not allowed to be turned on in the testing area for any reason.
    • Children are not allowed in the testing center.
    • No pets are allowed, except for service animals.
    • There is no food or drink allowed in the testing center.

What to do if you have a disability and need special accommodations to take the COMPASS placement test:

  • Please contact Nancy Birkla in the Access*Ability Resource Center (ARC) to set up an appointment.

Due to limited spacing at the Southwest campus, you must schedule an appointment for the testing time you would like to attend.

  • If you have any questions please contact Brandy Chamberlain or call 502-213-7390. 
  • In all communications you send to the SW Assessment Center Coordinator, please make sure you provide your student id number.

Contact Information and Office location:

  • Brandy Chamberlain
  • Southwest Assessment Coordinator
  • Student Community Building, Room 100-A
  • 502-213-7390