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Math Bootcamps

  • Week-long Bootcamps are designed for students who test into MAT 55 and want to improve their placement
  • Opportunity to save $400 by testing into a higher class and 3 months towards the completion of your degree.
    • Savings dependent upon test results and completion of program.
  • Refresh your basic math skills.
  • Build your basic study skills.
  • Connect with other students, instructors and JCTC.
  • Bootcamp enrollment fee is $25.00. 
  • Limited Seating Available.  
  • View the Math Bootcamp schedule.

For more information:

Jumpstart your math skills

  • Save time and money!
  • Improve your understanding of basic math concepts!
  • Learn about how to be more successful with mathematics!

Don’t take it from me. Here’s what students have said about the program:

  • “…taught me more in 5 days than I have learned in a semester with other classes…”
  • “I really enjoyed this boot camp. It has motivated me and encouraged me to move forward concerning my math.”
  • “I have learned more with this one week course than I did in my regular class. I struggled with my percents and proportions until now, now I feel a lot more comfortable than before.”
  • “awesome class – really helped me understand the rules and apply them. I feel like I can do math problems without feeling intimidated by it!  Thanks so much for the confidence!”

For the cost of $25 and 15 hours of time, you will receive:

  • Customized math instruction
  • Student Success Binder
  • Access to Online math instruction program
  • Opportunity to retake the math placement test
  • Math tutoring and support from the JJS Coordinator during your next semester’s class