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Join us for one of our Spring Jumpstart Sessions!

Here are two reasons why you should:

  • Over half of our students place into higher math classes after just a week of work
  • Students do better in whatever math class they take next after taking JJS

Jumpstart your math skills:

  • Save time and money!
  • Improve your understanding of basic math concepts!
  • Learn about how to be more successful with mathematics!

Here’s what students have said about the bootcamps:

  • “…taught me more in 5 days than I have learned in a semester with other classes…”
  • “I really enjoyed this bootcamp. It has motivated me and encouraged me to move forward concerning my math.”
  • “I have learned more with this one week course than I did in my regular class. I struggled with my percents and proportions until now, now I feel a lot more comfortable than before.”
  • “awesome class – really helped me understand the rules and apply them. I feel like I can do math problems without feeling intimidated by it! Thanks so much for the confidence!”
  • “I’m glad that JCTC offers this kind of program for students. It has helped a lot considering the fact that I haven’t taken a math class in over 10 years.”
  • “This program is awesome!”
  • “The instructor was excellent. He taught me many techniques that will help me in my next math class”

Jefferson Jumpstart Bootcamp students will receive:

  • Customized math instruction
  • Student Success Binder
  • Access to Online math instruction program
  • Opportunity to retake the math placement test
  • Math tutoring and support from the JJS Coordinator during your next semester’s class
  • Advising from the JJS Coordinator

For more information please send your:

  • student id number
  • and preferred session
  • Phone number

to Ben Aschenbrenner at
Or by phone: 502-213-5021 (leave a message!)
Or send a text: 765-335-JUMP, (name, student ID and session)

We recommend you plan to take your jumpstart session in the weeks leading up to the term. If you plan to take math in the summer take your Jumpstart session in May. If you plan to take math in the fall, take your Jumpstart session in July or August.