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Math Advising

What's your next step on your math path?

General things to consider:

  • Don’t take a long break from math – momentum is real. 
    • The Council on Post-secondary Education requires that all developmental students complete their course sequence with no interruptions.  
    • Much of math learning tends to go into short term memory – use it or lose it! 
    • Take a math course next semester!
  • Give yourself space around your math class.
    • We recommend the class before and after be free (open) for a built-in time to do math work, have tutoring sessions, or go to the math lab.
    • At the very least, give yourself the period of time after math class with nothing on your schedule.
    • That way if you have a question you can ask the instructor after class.
       Or if you are in the middle of an assignment you don’t have to run off to another class.
  • Get advice!
    • Talk to a real math instructor about what class design fits you.
    • Talk to a master advisor about your math pathway – what will you need to take to finish your degree or certificate or to transfer?*

Click on any of the links below (based on the math class you are currently enrolled in) to get information about what your next steps are: