Health Care Foundation

Health Professions Pathway (H2P) :

The H2P grant provides services to prospective students who are interested in Allied Health and Nursing programs and support for students in designated H2P programs.

Health Care Certificates:

  • The first level of the new Health Care Foundations stackable certificate program will be piloted in the spring.  Students can complete this certificate by taking four courses:
  • Basic Health Care  Foundations
    • NSG 299 (for HST 101) – Health Care Core  Curriculum: Basic Skills I (3)
    • RCP 299 (for HST 102) – Health Care Core Curriculum: Healthcare Delivery & Management (3)
    • MAI 299 (for HST 103) – Health Care Core Curriculum: Healthcare Communications (2)
    • AHS 115 or 120 – Medical Terminology (1-3)
    • The second Health Care Foundations Certificate (Intermediate) is to be added in the summer and/or fall.
  • Intermediate Health  Care Foundations
    • HST 121 - Health Care Core Curriculum:  Pharmacology (2)
    • HST 122 - Health Care Core Curriculum:  Pathophysiology (3)  (A&P is prerequisite)
    • HST 123 - Health Care Core Curriculum:  Basic Skills II (2)

These two certificates will be applicable toward the Health Science Technology Degree, but can also help better prepare students for other health career programs.

Other Information: