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Do I need to sign up for SNAP to receive messages?

  • If you are a current KCTCS student or employee, your e-mail and the preferred and mobile phone numbers listed in your college records are automatically registered to receive SNAP messages.
  • The same contact information that is used to inform you of academic/employment questions or concerns will now also be used to notify you if there is a weather emergency, safety threat or campus closing/delay.
  • To make sure you are receiving messages at your current phone number or e-mail address:
  • Please provide a complete 10 digit phone number with area code.
    • For example:  859-123-4567
  • Are you a parent, board member or community member interested in receiving SNAP emergency messages from a KCTCS college?

My home phone is listed in my college contact information record, how can I still get text messages?

  • If you would like to add a cell phone to receive text messages, you can add a mobile phone number in the Student/Employee Self-Service Center and SNAP messages will automatically be sent to you by text message OR you can create a new account and add a cell phone to receive text notifications

Can I sign up to receive SNAP messages at additional numbers or e-mail addresses not in my student/employee information?

  • Yes.
  • If you would like SNAP messages to be sent to an e-mail address or phone number not listed in your student or employee records you can create a new account here.  
  • Please note:  All contact information entered into a user created account will remain in the system and continue to receive messages until the account is deactivated or the contact information is edited.

What if I want to opt-out of receiving SNAP messages?

  • You do have the option to unsubscribe from SNAP text or e-mail messages. 
  • To stop SNAP text messages:
    • Text STOP from your cell phone to 68453 or reply STOP to a SNAP message.
    • For help information at any time, text HELP from your phone to 68453.
  • To stop e-mail messages:
    • At the bottom of your SNAP e-mail, click Unsubscribe to stop messages to that e-mail address.
  • NOTE:
    • If you are no longer a KCTCS student or employee and would like to stop e-mail, text and phone message login to your account
    • Under My Account click Permanently close my account
  • Having trouble accessing your account?   Contact us online.

Can I receive SNAP messages if I am not a student or employee at the college?

  • Only currently enrolled KCTCS students or employees will receive automatic messages sent from your college using SNAP. 
  • If you created your own SNAP account prior to February 15, 2013 you will continue to receive messages until the account is closed. 
  • If you are not a current student or employee but would like to sign up to receive notifications, you can create a new account here.

Will I be charged for text messages sent by SNAP?

  • All applicable charges and fees set by your cell phone carrier will apply. 
  • If you have unlimited texting or free incoming messages there will be no additional charge for a SNAP SMS Text.
  • If you have limited text messaging on your account and you have reached your maximum messages during a billing period, your cell phone carrier may charge you for an additional message.
  • To stop text messages, text STOP from your cell phone to 68453 or reply STOP to any SNAP message you receive.

What if I want to receive messages from more than one college?

  • SNAP will automatically send messages from any college where you are currently a student or employee.
  • If you would like to expand the list to include more than one KCTCS college you can subscribe to additional college alerts. 
  • Create a new account or login to your account login to your account.
    • Click Contact Info
    • Under Interests check the name(s) of the colleges you choose to send SNAP messages to you.

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