“The consulting and training provided by JCTC has helped Sypris stay competitive by upgrading workers technical skills.   The courses provided have been tailored to the needs of the organization.  So, while our employees are gaining fundamental knowledge it is directly applicable to our daily business needs.”  ...Sypris Technologies

“JCTC Workforce Solutions offered CISCO preparation courses on site which made it convenient and accessible for our employees to attend.  This certification allows Charter employees to develop professionally and allows us to grow our internal workforce.”  ...Charter Communications

“JCTC’s LEAN 5S training course really helped our employees to work towards a common goal of teamwork and workplace safety.”  ...ECKART America

“JCTC’s Multi-Skilled Technician course allowed our employees to significantly improve their technical and troubleshooting skills while remaining flexible enough to not affect our production schedule.”   ...MESA Foods

“With the upgrade and development of our new product lineup, Ford was in immediate need of various technical and business management training.  JCTC’s Workforce Solutions was responsive to our changing needs and offered a flexible training schedule which upgraded our employees’ skill levels to newly introduced technology. This supported improved productivity and quality management strategies.”   ...Ford LAP Plant

“JCTC Workforce Solutions has provided quality professional services and patient leadership resulting in our team members learning and developing technical and interpersonal skills in concert with our objective of “providing all team members the opportunity to enrich their lives”.  Thanks to them, much of that has been made possible through (KY) WINS grants.  JCTC has facilitated and provided classes on site and assisted with registration and enrollment of our team members in campus classes.  One team member completed an Associate’s Degree and more than five other team members have taken or are taking classes.  As a result of one class, team members reflected a 50% improvement in Math and Measures knowledge.  We look forward to continuing this valuable partnership and encourage others to capitalize in WINS grants and JCTC services.”   ...Universal Woods

“JCTC Workforce Solutions customized a combined technical skill course that specifically addressed our workforce needs across three shifts.  Our help desk and production employees have been able to better assist our customers and troubleshoot problems.”  ...Grindmaster