Academic Success Workshop Series: August

The Academic Success Workshop Series is a FREE program offered by Reading and Academic Success Division.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Englert-Copeland, call 502-213-2300 or email

  • 08/27/2014
    • Note Taking & Study Skills
      • 9:00am-10:00am
      • Downtown Campus - John T. Smith Library - 1st Floor
  • 08/28/2014
    • Classroom & Professional Etiquette
      • 10:30am-11:30am
      • Downtown Campus - John T. Smith Library - 1st Floor


  • Classroom & Professional Etiquette
    • Where Are My Manners?: Becoming Familiar with Classroom, Professional & Personal Etiquette
    • Common Courtesy and Real Life
    • Be ready to learn and understand teacher expectations and how to make great first impressions that are critical to your success in business and in the classroom.
  • Note Taking and Study Skills  
    • “Does your instructor talk too fast or is your hand cramping from writing too much?”
    • Discover the secrets to successful note-taking.
    • Come learn how to become a more effective and engaged note-taker and increase your overall study skills.
  • Stress & Time Management
    • De-Stress Using Good Time Management Skills
    • “Are you feeling overwhelmed?” OR “Where did the time go?!”  
    • Learn ways to combat the stressors in your life by becoming a more efficient and effective Time Manager. 
    • You will be surprised how much stress you can relieve by being organized and aware of where the time goes.