Enroll or drop/withdraw

Do you need to enroll in classes? Do you need to drop or withdraw from classes? You're in the right place. Follow the instructions below to complete these common tasks.

Viewing your current schedule:

Use PeopleSoft to view your current class schedule if you're already enrolled in classes (or to see if you're enrolled at all).

If you don't have access to self-service enrollment, you can contact jf-elearning@kctcs.edu for assistance with enrollment.

Do you need to drop/withdraw from a course?

If you have access to self-service enrollment, during open registration times you may drop classes on your own through your self-service account.

If you do not have access to self-service enrollment, or after self-service registration has closed (see the academic calendar), all Jefferson students enrolled in online courses should email the Records Office to request a drop/withdrawal.

The email must:

  • come from a KCTCS student email account
  • include the student's KCTCS ID# and course in question
  • include any necessary documentation/approval from the instructor