Flu Response Plan


The Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS), having recognized the potential threat of a world-wide influenza pandemic, and the potential impact it could have on all KCTCS colleges, has instructed all KCTCS locations to develop a plan to respond to the effects such an outbreak would create.

In response to the request for the need to develop Pandemic Influenza Plans system wide, the Office of the President for Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC) has created the Pandemic Influenza Planning (PIP) Committee.

  • The PIP Committee was established to ensure that preparedness and pandemic response planning occurs.
  • The PIP Committee has been identified as JCTC's authority responsible for the activation of the Pandemic Influenza Plan.
  • The PIP Committee will be responsible for the development of an Incident Command System within JCTC to manage the Pandemic Influenza Plan.
  • The PIP Committee will include input from faculty, staff, and employees representing various college operations and student representatives, as appropriate.
  • The PIP Committee collaborates with local emergency response and public health planners in the establishment and maintenance of the JCTC Pandemic Influenza Plan to insure coordination of response and communication with the representative agencies.
  • The PIP Committee reviews the Pandemic Influenza Plan at least annually to insure the response planning and program information is current and applicable.
  • The PIP Committee considers the provision of sufficient and accessible infection prevention supplies (soap, alcohol based hand hygiene products, tissues and appropriate receptacles) as a means of reducing the spread of the virus.
  • The PIP Committee will communicate with the JCTC Office of Administrative Services to maintain a surveillance mechanism to monitor and communicate substantial increases in absenteeism among students and faculty/staff.

In the event of notable increases in absenteeism JCTC will report the information with:

  • The JCTC Office of the President
  • County Health Department
  • The KCTCS Office of the President and
  • The KCTCS Homeland Security Office

This Pandemic Influenza Plan was written specifically for JCTC by the appointed Pandemic Influenza Planning Committee. It is the intent of this plan to identify key important actions JCTC may need to undertake for the preparation of and response to an influenza outbreak resulting in business operation interruption. Continued plan surveillance and updating will be required to ensure that the Pandemic Influenza Plan effectively addresses the unique needs of JCTC.

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