Jefferson Incident & Crime Log

January - March, 2002


Date Campus Location Type Comment
 01/07 DT  LIB  Hit and Run  Hit and Run on vehicle--600 block of 1st St.
 01/09 DT  Student Lot  Disorderly Conduct  Fourth Floor
 01/10 DT  LIB  Contributing to Delinquency of Minor  Student showing pornography to minor 
 01/11 SW  JEC  Criminal Mischief  Fire set in brush. PRP FD responded.
 01/14 DT  JEC  Disorderly Conduct  Non-students removed from LIB
 01/16 DT  Student Lot  Public Intoxication  Subject arrested by LPD
 01/17 DT  Student Lot  Hit and Run  Hit and Run on vehicle
 01/24 DT  LIB  TBUT under $300  Theft of purse, Third Floor
 01/29 DT  Campus  Theft by Deception  Subject passed penny rolls off as dimes
 01/31 DT  JEC  Loitering  Subject asked to leave
 01/31 DT  Campus  Loitering  Subject asked to leave


Date Campus Location Type Comment
 02/09 DT  HFD  Sexual Harassment  
 02/11 TC  Campus  TBUT under $300  Stolen Cell Phone
 02/13 DT  HFD  Criminal Trespass  
 02/13 DT  600 block S. 2nd St.  TBUT over $300  Stolen Vehicle
 02/13 DT  VTI  TBUT under $300  Stolen Photo Supplies
 02/15 DT  HFD  TBUT under $300  Stolen Jacket
 02/19 DT  HFD  Code of Conduct Violation  Obscene behavior
 02/19 DT  600 block S. 2nd St.  Hit and Run  Hit and Run on vehicle
 02/21 DT  JEC  Loitering  Subject removed
 02/21 DT  LIB & VTI  Criminal Mischief  Graffiti
 02/21 DT  600 Block S 2nd St.  Criminal Mischief  Damaged vehicle
 02/25 DT  LIB  Criminal Mischief  Subject removed by LPD
 02/26 DT  HFD  TBUT under $300  Stolen purse
 02/28 TC  Campus  TBUT under $300  Stolen purse


Date Campus Location Type Comment
 03/06 DT  SEM  Loitering   Subject removed
 03/06 DT  BWY  Loitering   Subject removed
 03/06 DT  LIB  Trespassing  Subjects warned and removed
 03/07 DT  SEM  Fire  Fire extinguished by sprinklers and fire dept.
 03/09 DT  LIB  False Fire Alarm  Faulty smoke detector (repaired)
 03/11 DT  LIB  Trespassing  Subjects warned and removed
 03/19 DT  Student Lot   Hit and Run  Hit and Run on vehicle (parties settled)
 03/20 DT  LIB  Indecent Exposure   Reported by student
 03/21 DT  VTI  Criminal Mischief  Gumball machines
 03/22 DT  LIB  TBUT under $300  Stolen backpack--later recovered
 03/26 DT  LIB  TBUT under $300  Stolen wallet
 03/26 DT  Student Lot  Hit and Run  Hit and Run on vehicle
 03/26 DT  VTI  Disorderly conduct  Student Code Violation
 03/29 DT  VTI  Smoke Alarm Activated  Toaster oven 


Date Campus Location Type Comment
 04/01 TC  Campus Suspicious powder reported in restroom  Found to be talcum powder
 04/03 DT  BGA TBUT under $300  Theft of uniforms from kitchen
 04/03 DT  Student lot Harassment  Harassment
 04/04 DT  LIB  Terroristic Threatening  Bomb threat received
 04/04 TC  campus  TBUT over $300  Compressor stolen
 04/13 DT  Student lot  Criminal Mischief under $500  Handicapped Sign (later recovered)
 04/15 DT  VTI  Criminal Mischief under $500  Vending Machines
 04/16 DT  VTI   Criminal Trespass  Warning, subject returned 1500
 04/16 DT  Student lot   Auto Accident  Auto Accident
 04/18 DT  Campus  Criminal Trespass, Alcohol Intoxication, Disorderly Conduct  Transported to Homeless Shelter by LPD
 04/18 DT  Campus  Criminal Trespass  Pickup on arrest warrants by LPD
 04/18 TC  BGB  TBUT under $300  Stolen Purse
 04/22 DT  SEM   Fire  Extinguished by sprinklers and LFD
 04/22 DT  Campus  Terroristic Threatening  Bomb threat called in
 04/22 DT  JEC  Disorderly Conduct  Front of JEC
 04/22 DT  LIB  Assault  Fight, one subject treated by EMS
 04/23 DT SEM  Fire alarm  Fire alarm set off by construction crew


Date Campus Location Type Comment
 05/07  DT  JEC  Fire Alarm  Small insulation fire (set by discarded cigarette) Fire Dept. responded
 05/16 DT  SEM  Fire Alarm  Fire alarm set off by construction crew
 05/23 TC  BGA  Disorderly Conduct   Homeless man in doorway
 05/30 TC  BGA  Indecent Exposure   Reported by student


Date Campus Location Type Comment
 06/04  DT  JEC  Disorderly Conduct/Alcohol Intoxication   Arrested by LPD  
 06/11 TC  Campus   Criminal Mischief  Damage to vehicle
 06/11 TC  Campus  Criminal Mischief  Damage to vehicle
 06/13 DT  JEC  Criminal Mischief  Damage to stained glass window
 06/17 DT  SEM  TBUT over $300   Criminal Mischief
 06/19 DT  JEC  Fire Alarm  Smoke from space heater, LFD responded
 06/27 DT  LIB  TBUT under $300

 Theft of book bag, including book and calculator

Update: Book recovered when student attempted to sell back to bookstore


Date Campus Location Type Comment
 07/08  DT  LIB  Criminal Trespass  Arrested by LPD (outstanding warrant) 
 07/09 DT  HFD  Criminal Trespass   Criminal Trespass
 07/11 DT  LIB  TBUT under $300  Stolen purse reported
 07/12 DT  Student lot   Grand Theft Auto

 Stolen vehicle reported

Update: Recovered on 7/15

 07/16 DT  Student lot   Stalking, Menacing  Reported
 07/16 DT  HFD  TBUT under $300  Toolbox reported stolen
 07/17 DT  HFD  TBUT under $300  Binoculars reported stolen
 07/18 TC  BGA  TBUT under $300  Cash reported stolen from Cosmetology Dept.
 07/22 DT  BWY  Criminal Trespassing, Alcohol Intoxication   Street person passed out in front of BWY Bldg.


Date Campus Location Type Comment
 08/13  TC  Campus   Criminal Trespass  Former student removed
 08/13 DT  LIB  Criminal Trespass   
 08/14 TC  Campus  Fire/Accident Report  Youth set hand on fire. EMS responded
 08/15 DT  JEC  Criminal Trespass  Former student removed
 08/16 DT  Campus  Assault  Street person took swing and threw radio at employee
 08/18 DT  HFD  Fire Alarm  Trash can fire (cigarette)
 08/18 DT  Student lot   Hit and Run  Damage to vehicle
 08/19 DT  Student lot   Hit and Run  Damage to vehicle
 08/21 DT  VTI  Burglary/TBUT over $300  Stolen camera equipment
 08/22 TC  Campus  Sexual Harassment  Reported by student
 08/27 DT  Student lot   TBUT  Theft of parts from vehicle
 08/29 DT  JEC  Disorderly Conduct, Criminal Trespass   Man in 3rd floor woman's restroom


Date Campus Location Type Comment
 09/13 DT  Campus   Accident Report  Man in 3rd floor woman's restroom
 09/13 DT  SEM  Burglary  
 09/13 TC  BGB  TBUT  Theft of a wallet from purse left unattended.
 09/13 DT  VTI  Medical Emergency   
 09/13 DT  Campus  Accident Report  100 block of E. Grey Street.
 09/13 DT  HFD  Stalking  Attempted kidnapping of a student 
 09/13 DT  VTI  Criminal Mischief  damage to property
 09/13 DT  JEC  Fire  False alarm Report
 09/13 DT  VTI  DVO  Violation of ex-husband of student; arrest of subject. Subject was observed downtown near the HFD building by the ex-wife, who reported him to LPD; subject had DVO warrant on him; subject ran from police and into of all places one of our campus bldgs.(VTI) LPD arrested him after a struggle.
 09/20 DT  BWY  Vehicle accident  
 09/20 DT  LIB  Student Violation Code  Failure to comply with a College Official. Student refused to comply with food/drink policy three times at 1:40p.m.
 09/20 DT  HFD Bookstore  Theft of bag/books  Thief sold books to Follette, LPD advised to take out a warrant.
 09/20 DT  Campus  Mercury Spill  Bill Bates and Fred Burgin cleaned same.
 09/27 DT  VTI  TBUT over 300  
 09/27 DT  Campus  Auto Accident  
 09/27 DT  Student lot   Criminal Mischief  TBUT Parts from vehicle, 65 lot
 09/27 DT  HFD  TBUT Under 300  Theft from vehicle
 09/27 DT  Campus  TBUT Under 300  Occurred in main student lot
 09/27 DT  SEM  Burglary  
 09/27 DT  LIB  TBUT  Back door


Date Campus Location Type Comment
 10/09 DT  BWY  Theft  Someone entered an unlocked, unattended office in the Broadway Building and took credit cards from a purse. The purse was located in an unlocked desk drawer. by 1:30 P.M. the thief was already at Dillards trying to make a purchase.
 10/18 DT  JEC Garage   Theft   During the morning of 10/14/02 (Monday) between the hours of 8:50 A.M. and 1:15 P.M., someone removed a CD player from a vehicle that was parked in the JEC garage. The vehicle was parked in the basement area of the garage; the owner was a tenant and the vehicle at the time of the theft was UNLOCKED! In addition, a box of CD discs and a wallet was also taken. We think that the thief entered the garage by climbing over the south east side fence; 
 10/21 DT  HFD  Robbery   Student was robbed of $ 40.00 while standing outside the HFD bldg. An unknown subject asked him for some change and when the student pulled out his wallet the subject slapped him ,grabbed his wallet , and fled south on first street.


Date Campus Location Type Comment
 11/01 DT  LIB  TBUT, under 300  theft of wallet from unattended purse
 11/01 DT  VTI  TBUT, under 300  theft of purse from book bag
 11/01  DT  BWY  Criminal Mischief  property damage to door glass at BWY , 101 West Bdwy, 0900, logged. Subject identified, pending action, code violation / warrant
 11/08 DT  LIB  Fire  False Alarm Reported (burnt popcorn)
 11/08 DT  VTI  TBUT  Theft of purse and contents. Purse left unattended.
 11/15 DT  JEC  Robbery   female students purse taken by force) 200 West Bdwy. 1540 hours, logged subject arrested by off duty sheriff ( Bill May, instructor at Tech, JCC) two students helped chase the subject from JEC to Floyd and college streets.
 11/15 DT  VTI & LIB   Bomb Threat  Bldgs. cleared , searched and re-opened by 1540 hours
 11/22 DT  JEC  TBUT, under 300  Purse was left unattended. LPD Report
 11/22 DT  JEC  Disorderly Person  Student code Violation
 11/29 DT  Student lot    TBUT, under 300  theft of a backpack from the front seat of a vehicle parked at main student lot.
 11/29 DT  LIB   persons at LIB/their removal  subjects loud at LIB
 11/29 DT  Campus   assault on female student  pending case, code violations after she reportedly spit on a male student,
 11/29 DT  LIB circulation   Theft  reportedly student set off theft alarm and then would not stop when asked to do so tem in her bag set off the alarm; code violations, logged


Date Campus Location Type Comment
 12/06 DT  Campus   False Alarm Report  trouble light, false alarm, probable cause was construction.
 12/06 DT  Campus  damage to unattended vehicle   struck an unattended vehicle and left the scene without leaving a note or notification.
 12/06 TC  Student lot   vehicle damaged, window broken  LPD Report
 12/06 TC  Student lot   Vehicle broken into  LPD Report