Criminal Activity

The safety and security of everyone on JCTC s campus is a priority and you are encouraged to take a few minutes to review your surroundings and proper safety procedures


  • If you observe a crime in progress or behavior that you suspect is criminal, immediately notify Campus Security or you campus security contact. If there is no answer, contact police or call 911.
  • Report as much as possible:
    • What is the person doing?
    • Where is it happening?
    • Physical description of person/people involved (note clothing, eyeglasses, etc.)
    • Are weapons involved? What type?
    • Vehicle description and license number, if appropriate, and direction traveled
  • DO NOT APPROACH OR ATTEMPT TO APPREHEND an individual you suspect of criminal activity
  • If safe to do so, stay on the phone with Campus Security, campus director or police until the first officer arrives

Campus Security: 502-213-7777 or 37777