Mental Health Emergencies or Intoxication

The safety and security of everyone on JCTC s campus is a priority and you are encouraged to take a few minutes to review your surroundings and proper safety procedures


  • Attend to the individual; remain calm.
    • Speak in a soft voice and maintain eye contact.
    • Do not threaten in anyway.
  • Send someone, if possible to summon assistance
  • Isolate the person from contact with other students, faculty and staff, if possible.
  • Encourage the person to talk about his/her experience or feelings
  • Do not restrain the person unless it is absolutely necessary to protect yourself.
    • If intervention is necessary, act slowly and calmly
  • Protect the individual s privacy
  • Do not leave the individual alone
  • Communicate with the individual to reassure him/her and to dispel rumors
  • Notify appropriate person (supervisor, campus dean, human resources, etc.)

Campus Security: 502-213-7777 or 37777