Automotive Technology

Instruction in systems such as engines, fuel, on-board computers, transmissions, steering, suspension and brakes is the basis of this program. Knowledge of the various systems is used to develop skills in troubleshooting, performing preventative maintenance, servicing and repairing automobiles.

The program, which is designed to be completed in two years, prepares graduates for entry-level service technician jobs in the auto repair industry. The student may be provided a unique work-study experience alternating between periods of work on-site and work in a classroom - laboratory setting.

Program Information:

  • Associate in Applied Science Degree:  
    • Automotive Technology
  • Diploma:  
    • Automotive Technician
  • Certificates:  
    • Automatic Trans/Transaxle Technician
    • Automotive Air Conditioning Mechanic
    • Automotive Electrician
    • AWS national Skills Stand Level 1
    • Brake Repair, Engine Repair
    • Front End Mechanic
    • Tune-up Maintenance Technology
  • Automotive Technology Competencies
  • Academic Program Plan (APP)

Gainful Employment Disclosure Information:

The items listed below contain information on jobs related to this program.