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African American Studies Sample Courses

HIS 260: Introduction to African American History to 1865

  • A study of the Black experience in America through the Civil War. An examination of African heritage, slavery and the growth of Black institutions.

MUS 207: African American Music History

  • A history of African American music from pre-colonial African Diaspora through colonial times to the present. Important names, places, events and styles in music, as well as important historical and sociological trends will be presented within the context of the African American experience.

COM 299: African American Communication

  • A sophomore level course focusing on African American culture and identity with an emphasis on understanding rhetorical strategies in African American communication, public discourse that grows out of the traditions of the African American community and communication styles in conflict.

ENG 264: Major Black Writers

  • A cross-cultural and historical approach to written and oral works by major Black authors of Africa, the Caribbean, and the United States.