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Insurance and Risk Management

Insurance and Risk Management

Learn how to protect both human and financial assets against of accidental loss through assessments, analysis and evaluation techniques.

What is Insurance and Risk Management?

The Certificate program in Insurance and Risk Management is a four course (12 credit hour) credential. Students will learn the foundations of insurance production and multiple lines insurance production. Students will also master the fundamentals of operating an agency and managing sales. Completers of this certificate program will be eligible to sit for the national Accredited Advisor in Insurance (AAI) Certification exam.

What are my career options?

Upon completion of this program, the graduate can

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of property and casualty insurance principles.
  2. Identify issues relating to exposure identification and insurance coverage.
  3. Explain the risk management process.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of life insurance fundamentals.
  5. Describe the concepts involved in packaging commercial insurance products.
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of agency operations.
  7. Demonstrate knowledge of agency and individual sales planning methods.
  8. Demonstrate knowledge of legal and ethical considerations affecting the insurance business.
  9. Demonstrate knowledge of the need for continuing education throughout the career of a producer.


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Program Contact

Dr. Randall Davis

Insurance and Risk Management

Program Coordinator