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Selective Admission information

Culinary Arts is a selective admissions program based on a building block theory. Certain classes must be taken in order. Students can only be admitted into the program through approval of the program coordinator and the selective admissions committee.

The Culinary Arts Program is primarily designed as a two-year curriculum leading directly to employment. Students may, however, transfer into a hotel management, restaurant management, or institutional food service management program at the bachelor's degree level after completing the associate degree.

Extensive laboratory experience is provided for the students in the technical portion of the curriculum. As part of the training, students will prepare meals for special occasions. Lectures and demonstrations supplement these laboratory experiences. Summer work experience is encouraged as a supplement to the formal instruction program.

The greatest strength of the Culinary Arts Program lies with the staff -- all professionals who are strong in their specialized fields. In addition, they are especially adept in related areas pertaining to cost control, organization and administration. The Culinary Arts Program uses the teaching philosophy of the American Culinary Federation, the Academy of Chefs, Les Amis d'Escoffier Society, the American Hotel and Motel Association Education Institute and the Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education as instructional criteria, thereby assuring a high-quality program. The Culinary Arts Program is designed to receive graduates of existing programs and to provide another step on the career ladder of this industry.

Application Procedure:

Submit the following:

  1. College application form
  2. Scores from the American College Test (ACT).
    • ACT scores are not required for students with previous College credit (Advanced Standing).
    • Act score of 18 or better allows students to enroll in the culinary program.
    • If students have not taken the ACT test they will be required to take the Compass test at Jefferson. Students must receive passing scores in reading, writing, and math to begin in the culinary program.
  3. Official transcripts of college work completed.