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Health Care Foundation

Get better prepared for the health career programs

Health Professions Pathway (H2P) :

The H2P grant provides services to prospective students who are interested in Allied Health and Nursing programs and support for students in designated H2P programs.

Health Care Certificates

The first level of the new Health Care Foundations stackable certificate program will be piloted in the spring. Students can complete this certificate by taking four courses:

Basic Health Care Foundations

  • NSG 299 (for HST 101) Health Care Core Curriculum: Basic Skills I (3)
  • RCP 299 (for HST 102) Health Care Core Curriculum: Healthcare Delivery & Management (3)
  • MAI 299 (for HST 103) Health Care Core Curriculum: Healthcare Communications (2)
  • AHS 115 or 120 Medical Terminology (1-3)
  • The second Health Care Foundations Certificate (Intermediate) is to be added in the summer and/or fall.

Intermediate Health Care Foundations

  • HST 121 - Health Care Core Curriculum: Pharmacology (2)
  • HST 122 - Health Care Core Curriculum: Pathophysiology (3) (A&P is prerequisite)
  • HST 123 - Health Care Core Curriculum: Basic Skills II (2)

These two certificates will be applicable toward the Health Science Technology Degree, but can also help better prepare students for other health career programs.

Other Information:

Gainful Employment Disclosure Information:

This information is provided in compliance with the Federal Gainful Employment regulations. As a public non-profit education institution, we are required to report the following information for certificate and diploma programs that meet gainful employment definitions (beginning July 1, 2011).