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Surgical Technology Conferences

All meetings will be held on the Downtown campus in the Health Science Hall building (HSH), Room 269 at 9:00am.

Dates for Pre Admission Conferences can change based on scheduling conflicts, weather, and/or institutional closings. Please check the website often for updates. It is highly recommended you confirm the meeting date you plan to attend with the program director via email. Preadmission conferences are available for anyone interested in the program; there are no requirements to attend a conference. It is also recommended any student interested in the program bring an unofficial copy of their current transcripts for reference.

Note: The last pre-admission conference set in May of each year is past the May 1st application deadline. This conference is primarily designed to provide additional information for students whom have already applied to the program for that year, or for students that are still taking pre-admission courses, and/or, are seeking new program information.

For students meeting all pre-requisite courses attending the final pre-admission conference wishing to submit a late application to the program, may be allowed to do so under a specific timeline and under the discretion of the program director, and will be placed in a secondary applicant pool. Any accepted secondary pool applicant will only be reviewed after the selection process has been completed, in the event all on time applicants have been accepted, and only if an additional slot is available.

Check with your program coordinator for more information.