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Answer a call in Skype

Answer a call

When someone calls you, an alert pops up in the lower-right of your screen.

  • To answer the call, click anywhere on the photo area.
  • To reject the call, click Ignore.
  • To start an instant messaging (IM) conversation with the caller instead of an audio call, click Options, and then Reply by IM.
  • To reject the call and other calls, until you change your status click Options, and then Set to Do not Disturb.

Invite more people to a call

  1. In the Meeting pane, click or, in the Participants pane, click
  2. Select or multi-select (Ctrl-click) from your contacts, or type someone’s name or
    phone number in the Search field, then select them from the results. Click OK.
    Your new invitees receive a request to join your call.