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Another Record Setting night for CAT students at American Advertising Awards

This past Friday night was a fantastic night for the Communication Arts Technology program. Oh what a night it was, such a night. Nine students won a whopping total of twenty-one Students ADDY's (American Advertising Awards) at the 40th Annual Louie Awards competition, including a Judges' Choice Award. Our program won over three times more awards than any other school competing in the Louie s this year. And, if I'm not mistaken, and I don't think I am, this is the first time that any one school has won this many awards at the Louie competition, since we did last year, and the year before that.

Logan Selby was the top award winner last night winning three Gold Louie Awards, one for his Barbed Wire Whiskey Package Design, one for his Helping Hand Massage Stationery design, and one for his Helping Hand Massage logo design. Logan also won a Judges Choice award for his Barbed Wire Whiskey Package Design. The Judges Choice Award is one of the top two awards in the student category.

Rebecca Rose won three Gold Louie Awards in Black and White Photography for Bound, The Darkest Corridors, and Strange Book Cover. She won three Silver Louie Awards in the Color Photography category for Sliced Pear, Remake Yourself - Nike, and Venus. Rebecca won 6 Louie's in total, making her the student winning the most Louie's of the night.

Kim Oldham won two Gold Louie Awards for her Black and White Photography entry of BwDior and her Color Photography entry of Whiskey plus a Silver Louie for her Leather photograph.

Jason Hoefflin won a Gold Louie for his Louisville Zoo Post Cards, a series of four photographic post cards, in the Photography: Campaign category. Josh Walker won a Gold Louie for Wings in the Black and White Photography category.

Lisa Mercer won two Silver Louie Awards in the Color Photography category for her entries of American Music and Newport Aquarium. Amanda Danielson won two Silver Louie Awards for her House of Rock Poster and for her Bettie Noir Magazine Ad. Both Miguel Perez and Tyler Ewing won a Silver Louie each for their Personal Lettermark designs.

In total, there were 10 Gold Louie Awards and 10 Silver Louie Awards plus one of the Judges Choice Awards, won by our fantastic students. We have never won this many Gold Louie's at one competition. Our students won eight awards for design and thirteen photography awards. What a wonderful night this was for JCTC, our program, and our students. Our entire faculty is extremely proud of the accomplishments of these fine students who put in the extra time it takes to achieve this sort of major accomplishment and recognition.

The American Advertising Awards, known as the ADDY Awards, or as we call them here in Louisville, the Louie Awards, are the industry's top awards and recognition program of talent and creativity from the local level all the way up to the national level and can go far in advancing a student ahead of others in the advertising industry. All our winners will soon compete at the district level. The district level is a three state competition that includes Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia. Students who win at the District Level will be eligible to compete at the National Level of the American Advertising Awards.

You can see all the images of the winning student work on our unofficial program website at

Thanks to our dedicated faculty, both now and in the past. You all have helped to make this program what it is today and have helped to nurture our students and bring out the best in them. Thank you so much.

Congratulations to all our student winners.