Internet outage on the Southwest campus

Southwest is currently experiencing a total network outage. This will NOT affect classes. As a result, most major servers (such as \\jf-svr-dfs) which are housed at that campus are offline. This outage will affect access to the old web server, user folders and some printing. We currently have no ETA on a fix for this, and will let you know once services have been restored.

Update (11/8/10 - 6:20pm):

U of L believes that the outage effecting Southwest and a portion of their network was caused by a house fire on 4th street close to the Belknap Campus. Still no estimated time to repair at this point.

Update (11/8/10 - 8:30pm):

Another update from U of L the good news is that the fire on 4th street was not the source of the damage to the fiber optic cable the bad news is that a car accident at 4th and Central Avenue was and the damage caused by the wreck could require up to one mile of fiber optic cable to be replaced. At this point U of L says that it will be unlikely that the cable will be repaired by the morning. No estimates beyond that are given. This outage is just for network (ie Internet) and phones at SW. Everything else is unaffected.

Update (11/9/10 - 5:45am):

U of L reports that the contractor repairing the damaged fiber optic cable expects to take up to 24 hours before the network is restored. Work started around midnight Monday and will not complete until sometime late Tuesday evening. This outage will impact access to any resources at housed Southwest primarily anything on JF-SVR-DFS.