Seven Tips for College Freshmen

Whether you are straight out of high school or an adult who wants to pursue a college credential, here are a few tips that can help if you re a first-time college student.

Meet with an academic advisor
. Your college advisor is a good friend to have throughout your college career. This is the person who can help steer you in the right direction and keep you on track. Meet with your advisor frequently.

Go to class. This may seem like a no brainer, but some people skip class and expect to do well. That s not usually the case. Showing up, participating in class and doing all assignments can help raise your grade in most classes.

Get to know your professors. They are there to help and want you to succeed. JCTC has smaller classes than most four-year institutions, so students have more personal interaction with instructors. This is important for those students who might need extra help.

Find a study buddy or group. Many who attend college for the first time feel alone or maybe a little overwhelmed. That s where a study group comes in. Students can interact with others who are having the same insecurities, and learning together builds confidence.

Begin projects as soon as possible. Don t procrastinate when it comes to preparing for tests or writing papers. Procrastination leads to stress and can result in lower scores.

Get involved in student activities, and get to know classmates. To do well in college, it s important to be engaged. Joining a student group or attending an event helps you meet faculty and staff as well as other students. This will make your time in college more enjoyable, and it never hurts to start networking early for that job you want later.

Take care of yourself. College can be stressful, especially if you re also working and/or taking care of your family. It sounds simple, but eating regular, healthy meals is important as is getting enough sleep. Although it s sometimes difficult to do, taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of others.

We hope you are excited for the upcoming semester! Remember to reach out if you have questions.