Use of College Facilities by Outside Groups

Jefferson Community & Technical College welcomes the use of its facilities for educational, cultural, charitable, and other purposes consistent with the role and mission of the college.

Non-KCTCS groups may apply for the use of college facilities when the program to be presented is of an educational, cultural, or charitable nature and subject to the following:

  • A rental fee may be charged for the use of facilities to cover the cost of personnel, equipment, and consumable supplies expended during usage.
  • Typical rental charges are:
    • Conference room: $50
    • Classroom: $75
    • Computer Lab: $100
    • Auditorium: $100-250
  • Additional charges will be assessed for services requested by the group and/or required by the college for the event, such as Security, Maintenance, Environmental Services, Technical Support, etc.
  • A contract between the group and the college shall be negotiated in advance stating the conditions and charges for the use of the facility and setting forth the responsibilities of the group and the college.
    • Charges assessed shall be paid to the college prior to the event.
  • The non-KCTCS group or agency must present a copy of their liability insurance certificate prior to function date. KCTCS shall be named as an additional insured party on the individual policy.
    • In cases where the non-KCTCS group or agency is a federal, state, or local government entity, proof of liability Insurance is not required.
  • Solicitations of individual faculty, staff, or students by any non-KCTCS group, for subscriptions, sales of merchandise of any kind, publications, or services upon college property (other than by the authorized auxiliary enterprises, eating places, or vending operations of a college) are prohibited except upon written permission of the college CEO.
  • College facilities may not be used to further the interests of a political party or be used to advance or inhibit religion.

Outside groups should email Sandra Posey ( or call 502-213-2656 for more information or to reserve a room.