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The WorkKEYS System

WorkKEYS is a national system for teaching and assessing workplace skills so that employees are more productive and invested in their work.

WorkKEYS includes three components:

  1. Job Profiling (Job Analysis)
    • Profile of necessary skills identified by subject-matter experts who perform the job
    • Profile skill requirements for specific jobs
    • Evaluate job applicant skills and the skills of current employees
    • Aid communication between employers and educators/trainers
    • Provide basic information for job descriptions and workplace competencies
  2. Skills Assessment
    • Testing pre-hire applicants or incumbent workers for training/promotion
    • Document employability skills
    • Evaluate the skills of current/future employees
    • Provide legal assessment for hiring/selection/promotion purposes
  3. Instructional Support
    • All linked together with Management Information and Reporting Services
    • Targeted training to help employees attain needed skill level)
    • Customized curriculum to suit your workplace needs
    • Delivered instruction targeted to skill level required to perform a job

The result is a comprehensive approach to job analysis, employee development, and workplace success.

WorkKEYS critical skills include:

  • Reading for Information
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Listening for Understanding
  • Writing
  • Business Writing
  • Teamwork
  • Applied Technology
  • Locating Information
  • Workplace Observation


  • WorkKEYS may qualify for Kentucky Workforce Investment Network System Funding (KYWINS).

Call your Workforce Solutions representative today for more details at 502-213-2663 or email!