Jefferson Incident & Crime Log

January - December, 2011


Date Campus Location Type Action
01/04  DT  Bookstore   TBUT over $500   A female admitted to stealing a book from the book store. Police took report.
01/10 DT  Campus  Student Code Violations  Student became disruptive in class and refused to calm down after repeated attempts by the instructor. a Student disciplinary issue is pending.
01/11 DT  Student Lot  Vehicle hit while unattended  Vehicle was hit while unattended-PENDING FURTHER INVESTIGATION ON THIS MATTER.
01/20 TC  BGA  TBUT under $500  Several people took coins from a dollar changer that belongs to a vendor. LMPD has been notified and an investigation is pending.
01/25 DT  LIB  Disorderly Conduct and Student Code Violations  Two Students got into an argument with staff and one of them threw an object @ a staff member. They were escorted from the building and an investigation is pending.
01/25 TC  BGA  TBUT under $500  Person(s) unknown removed a wrist purse from a jacket. Investigation is pending.
01/31 DT  Student Lot Harassment and Threatening Behavior  Altercation between two females in Main Student parking lot over space.


Date Campus Location Type Action
02/01  DT  HFD  Student Code Violations/Disorderly Conduct  Student Code Violations and Disorderly Conduct AGAINST TWO StudentS. Pending further investigation into this matter.
02/01 DT  I-65 Lot   Vehicle hit while unattended  Student Vehicle was hit while unattended IN THE I-65 N. LOT. Pending further investigation into this matter.
02/01 DT  Student Lot  Vehicle hit while unattended  Vehicle was hit while unattended and Pending further investigation into this matter.
02/03 DT  I-65 Lot   TBUT under $500  Student car window broken out and GPS stolen
02/08 DT  JEC  TBUT under $500  Subject stole backpack of a Student. Police notified and investigation is pending.
02/08 TC  BGA  TBUT over $500  Person(s) unknown took unattended cell phone from desk in class. LMPD notified and an investigation is pending.
02/15 DT  JEC Indecent Exposure/Public Intoxication, Disorderly Conduct  A man was found in the women's restroom with his pants down and security was notified. Subject fled into garage and attempted to jump from the 4th floor, but was apprehended. LMPD responded and transported the man.
02/17 DT  VTI  Criminal Mischief 3rd Degree/Student Code Violation


02/17 SW  campus  TBUT under $500  Student left phone unattended and person(s) unknown stole it. LMPD notified and an investigation is pending.
02/22 DT  Campus  Criminal MISCHIEF of SCHOOL PROPERTY UNDER $500  EMPLOYEE was ALMOST HIT BY ANOTHER EMPLOYEE. Pending further investigation into this matter.
02/28 TC  Student Lot  TBUT under $500  PROPERTY was TAKEN FROM a Vehicle IN ONE of OUR LOTS. Pending further investigation into this matter.


Date Campus Location Type Action
03/01 TC  Student Lot   TBUT under $500 & Vandalism   Person(s) unknown broke out window to parked vehicle and took a key chain. Investigation is pending.
03/07  DT  HFD  Criminal Mischief under $500  Glass was broken on the fire hose case door of the 2nd floor stairway. An investigation is pending.
03/09 DT  LIB  Disruptive Behavior, Verbal Argument  2 Students in argument went outside to fight and were stopped by security before it escalated.
03/23 DT  LIB  Student Code Violations  Student violated cell phone policy and refused to cooperate with college officials. An investigation is pending.
03/23 DT  LIB  TBUT under $500  Victim claims that person(s) unknown removed cash from her purse. An investigation is pending.
03/24 DT  HFD  Harassment   Student claims that another Student cursed and threatened them. Disciplinary hearing is pending.
03/29 DT  HFD  Assault and Threatening Behavior  Student entered classroom of fellow Student, began a verbal argument and then struck Student in head with hand.
03/29 DT Student Lot  Harassment  Student found harassing note on vehicle upon leaving campus. No other information available @ this time.
03/30 DT  Campus  Criminal Mischief  Subject(s) unknown wrote graffiti in stairwell of building. An investigation is pending.
03/30 DT  Campus   TBUT under $500  Unknown female approached Student and took money from Student's purse. An investigation is now pending. Some information to report this crime had to be gathered @ a later date.
03/31 DT  HFD  Student Code Violation   A Student was CAUSING a COMMOTION IN CLASS. PENDING FURTHER INVESTIGATION ON THIS MATTER.  Student Code Violation 3.2.2
03/31 DT  LIB  TBUT over $500  Student CELL PHONE was stolen. Pending further investigation into this matter.
03/31 TC  BGA  TBUT under $500  Officer observed subjects stealing a bicycle and tried to pursue them on foot, but subjects were able to run away. Investigation is pending by LMPD.


Date Campus Location Type Action
04/04  DT  Student Lot   Vehicle Hit While Unattended  Student claims his door was marred on his vehicle, while it was parked in Student lot.
04/07 DT  Campus  Theft by Counterfeit  Someone paid the college using counterfeit money. An investigation is pending.
04/12 DT  Bookstore  TBUT under $500  Shoplifter, nonStudent, stole two text books but was caught and arrested.
04/19 DT  Student Lot  Criminal Mischief under $500 (Vehicle)  Student claims that their vehicle was scratched up while parked in lot. An investigation is pending.
04/21 DT  JEC Indecent Exposure  Homeless man was urinating in public and was cited by LMPD.
04/21 DT  Student Lot  TBUT over $500  Student PURSE was TAKING FROM THEIR Vehicle ALONG WITH SOME OTHER ITEMS. Pending further investigation into this matter.
04/28 DT  VTI  TBUT under $500  A cellphone was stolen from a tutors desk while teaching in a math lab.


Date Campus Location Type Action
05/03  DT  VTI  Disruptive/Threatening Behavior/Failure to Comply with a College Official/Cheating  Student was asked to leave after conduct consistent with cheating and being disruptive and threatening.
05/04 DT  LIB  TBUT over $500  A Caucasian male subject,30's,brownish-blonde hair,red shirt,thin build,grabbed a back-pack from a female Student and ran. A employee chased subject and the subject dropped the back-pack.
05/04 DT  VTI  Disruptive/Threatening Behavior/Student Code Violations  Student that was banned from a lab returned and became disruptive and using profanity.
05/04 TC  BGA  TBUT under $500  Cell phone was taken from tenant while on break, LMPD was notified. Wallet was later recovered. An investigation is pending.
05/10 DT  Student Lot  Possible Harassment  A Student claims to have been harassed by another Student while parked in lot.
05/12 TC  BGA  TBUT under $500  Person(s) unknown took wallet from an instructor during class time.
05/16 DT  Student Lot  TBUT under $500  Subject broke window out of car and stole GPS. Police report was filed.
05/19 DT  JEC  Student Code Violations and Disorderly Conduct  Former Student became unruly and had to be escorted from building. Disciplinary action pending.
05/23 DT  VTI  Criminal Mischief OVER $500  GANG WRITINGS WERE FOUND ON THE VTI AIR VENTS and DUMPSTER IN BACK. Pending further investigation into this matter.
05/27 DT  JEC  Indecent Exposure  Subject was fondling himself and campus security resoponded, but subject had left the area. An investigation is pending


Date Campus Location Type Action
06/06  DT  Student Lot   CRUELTY to ANIMALS   UNKNOWN PERSON LEFT a PUPPY INSIDE a Vehicle. Pending further investigation into this matter.
06/11 TC  Off Campus  Assault  A female claims she was in distress from an alleged gun shot wound to her leg by her African American companion after hanging out in an exterior area adjacent to the parking lot. LMPD, EMS, and contract security were notified. This incident happened when the campus was closed in an exterior area adjacent to the parking lot. LMPD is investigating the incident. Incident was not recorded by Campus Safety until all pertinent information was gathered. Subject is now in custody.
06/16 DT  Student Lot Harassment   Victim came out to her vehicle and found a note on her car that said" Your a Heffer".Check of security cameras turns up nothing.
06/22 SW  Student Lot  TBUT under $500  Person(s) unknown removed items from unsecured area of vehicle. An investigation is pending. LMPD Report #8011048495.
06/22 TC  Student Lot  TBUT under $500  Unknown subject broke window out of vehicle in parking lot and stole mp3 player and GPS system.
06/24 DT  Campus  Criminal Mischief 1st Degree  Window broken out of building
06/27 DT  Campus  Possession of Marijuana  Student found smoking Marijuana on campus
06/27 DT  Campus   Solicitation and Failure to Comply with Official  Student warned against distributing flyers for local clubs on campus.


Date Campus Location Type Action
07/03  DT  Student Lot  Criminal MISCHIEF OVER $500   UNKNOWN PERSON BACK UP and CRASH INto THE SIDE of THE BUILDING. Pending further investigation into this matter.
07/05 DT  Student Lot   Criminal Damage to PROPERTY UNDER $300, and FAILURE to REPORT PROPERTY Damage  A Student HIT ONE of OUR YELLOW BARRIER IN THE MAIN Student LOT and DIDN'T NOTIFY US. Pending further investigation into this matter.
07/07 DT  Campus   TBUT under $500  Victim left bicycle locked and chained to bicycle rack on 7/22/11 and returned several days later to find it missing.
07/21 DT  Student Lot  Disorderly Conduct,  Drivers got into verbal argument over a stalled car issue. LMPD was notified by one driver and police responded, but claim was unfounded; so LMPD left scene.
07/21 TC  BGA  TBUT under $500  Student was observed taking batteries from clocks. Disciplinary action pending.
07/26 DT  Campus  TBUT under $500  Person(s) unknown stole a bicycle that had been locked and chained to a bicycle rack for 4 days.
07/26 DT  Student Lot  TBUT under $500  An unknown person removed a cell phone and cash from a parked vehicle. An investigation is pending.


Date Campus Location Type Action
08/02  DT  BWY  Public Intoxication,Criminal Trespassing   Subject was passed out @ Broadway Bldg gate, refused to get up so LMPD was called and arrested subject.
08/02 DT  HFD  Indecent Exposure and Criminal Trespassing  Former Student was looking @ pornography on computer in lobby while fondling himself. Subject was banned from all campuses and warned against trespassing.
08/09 TC  Student Lot  TBUT under $500  An unknown person broke into a vehicle parked in the Student lot and took electronic items.
08/12 DT  Bookstore  TBUT under $500  Shoplifter took item from business. Campus Safety/Security officer caught shoplifter, so item was returned.
08/17 DT  Campus  Vehicle hit while unattended  Student NOTICED THAT HER Vehicle was HIT WHILE SHE was IN CLASS. Pending further investigation into this matter.
08/22 BUL  Library  TBUT over $500  Unknown subject entered Bullitt Campus library and stole 7 books. Police are investigating incident.
08/24 DT  Bookstore  TBUT under $500  Subject entered bookstore on campus and stole two text books.
08/24 TC  Student Lot  TBUT $500 (GPS) and Criminal Mischief under $500  Person(s) unknown broke window in parked vehicle and took GPS and other items.
08/25 DT  VTI  TBUT under $500  Student LEFT iPod IN a CLASS ROOM and WHEN SHE CAME BACK to PICK IT UP: IT wasN'T THERE. Pending further investigation into this matter.
08/29 DT  Student Lot  Criminal Mischief (over $500)  Person(s) unknown drove into parking booth and entrance gate an bollard @ main Student lot. An investigation is still pending.
08/29 DT  VTI  TBUT under $500  Person(s) unknown removed food items from refrigerator. An investigation is pending.


Date Campus Location Type Action
09/06  DT  LIB  Child Pornography   A witness reported that they observed a man view child pornography in the library and taking pictures on their cell phone. An investigation is pending and authorities will be notified, as needed.
09/07 DT  JEC  Student Code Violations  A Student BECAME UPSET and Disorderly IN Financial Aid office. Student SPOKE WITH DEAN of Student AFFAIRS ABOUT HER ACTIONS. Student Code Violations (3.2.3)
09/14 DT  Bookstore   TBUT over $500  Security received anonymous tip that employee was stealing from bookstore. Investigation is still ongoing @ this point in time.
09/14 DT  HFD  Verbal harassment  Two Students got into verbal altercation on elevator. Security was called and situation was resolved.
09/22 DT  Bookstore  TBUT under $500  Student admitted to STEALING a SWEATSHIRT FROM THE BOOKStoRE LAST WEEK.
09/26 DT  VTI Strong arm Robbery and DVO Violation  A DVO violator approached a victim and took her keys and phone from her jacket. An investigation is pending.
09/28 DT  HFD  TBUT  MOPED was stolen FROM THE BIKE RACK BUT LATER RECOVER BY ofFICERS Pending further investigation into this matter.

09/28 DT  HFD  TBUT under $500  Student BIKE was Stolen FROM THE BIKE RACK. Pending further investigation into this matter.
09/29 TC  BGA  TBUT under $500  Person(s) unknown stole an unattended bike from bike rack. Witnesses came forward and an investigation is pending, Chief Martin.


Date Campus Location Type Action
10/03  DT  LIB  Student Code of Conduct Violation/Verbal and Psychological Abuse and Harassment   Employee claims Student used profanity directed @ the employee.
10/10 DT  HFD  Student Code Violations  Student BECAME UPSET AFTER RECEIVING WARNING FROM officer and CURSE @ HIM. Pending further investigation into this matter. Student Violation (3.2.3)
10/11 SW  Student lot   TBUT under $500  Student left vehicle window down in parking lot and items were stolen out of car.
10/13 DT  JEC  Disorderly Conduct  Non-Student entered Jefferson Educational Center (JEC) and was reported to have been fondling himself through his attire. Security took personal information and escorted off campus.
10/13 DT  LIB  Disorderly Conduct  Unknown subject entered Library and after arguing with employees knocked books off of counter.
10/17 DT  Faculty Lot

 TBUT under $500/Criminal Mischief 3rd  Employee vehicle was broken into and items were stolen.
10/22 DT  LIB  TBUT under $500  Unknown subject stole a stereo/cd player that was left unattended in the courtyard of the campus library. Police report was taken.
10/24 DT   Campus  Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Trespassing  A NON-Student WHO was BANNED FROM THE CAMPUS FROM AN EARLIER INCIDENT was SEEN ON CAMPUS AGAIN and was Trespassing and Being disorderly to an officer. INVESTIGATION COMPLETED.
10/25 DT  LIB  Criminal Trespassing  Non-Student was on computer under a present Student's login. Criminal Trespassing warning was issued and an investigation is pending.
10/26 DT  Campus  TBUT under $500  Known subject entered room and stole text books.
10/27 DT  LIB  Student Code Violation  IT was brought to our attention on 11/2/11 that a Student was BEING Disorderly to ONE of OUR STAFF MEMBER. Pending further investigation into this matter.
10/28 DT  HFD  Student Code Violation  Student reported being harassed on phone by another Student.


Date Campus Location Type Action
11/03  SW  Campus  Threat  Student reports being sent threatening texts from another Student.
11/07 DT  LIB  theft by deception   Victims cellphone was stolen from the college library.
11/08 DT  I-65 Lot Possession of Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia  Student was SMOKE Marijuana IN ONE of PARKING LOTS and was CITED and RELEASE.
11/08 DT  JEC  Criminal Trespassing, Disorderly Conduct and Alcohol Intoxication  Homeless man entered building and was recognized by Security Office. Subject had been previously warned against Trespassing. Subject was arrested.
11/08 DT  Student Lot   Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia  Students found smoking marijuana in vehicle while parked in Student parking lot.
11/08 DT  Student Lot  Wanton Endangerment and Student Code Violations  Two people got into a physical confrontation with a staff member, then tried to run over an officer that was trying to stop them in the parking lot. LMPD was contacted and an investigation is pending.
11/09 DT  HFD  Failure to comply with college official  A dispute between a Student and tutor over a calculator resulted in the Student being escorted out.
11/09 DT  LIB  TBUT under $500  Student observed that their wallet was missing after they had got home after school. LMPD notified. Student later found wallet @ home.
11/11 BUL  parking Lot  Vehicle Hit While Unattended  Person(s) unknown hit parked vehicle then left scene, details pending. Police were notified and an investigation is pending.
11/16 DT  LIB  TBUT under $500  Person(s) unknown took purse that was left unattended by Student.
11/16 SW  Campus  Student Code of Conduct Violation(s)  Student caused disturbance in class and Campus Safety/Security was notified. Disciplinary action pending.
11/17 DT  VTI  Student Code Violations  A Student was BEING RUDE and DISRUPTIVE IN CLASS and HAD to BE REMOVED. Student Code Violations (3.2.1, 3.2.8, 3.2.17, and 3.2.23)
11/19 DT  VTI  Public Intoxication and Student Code Violations  Student was intoxicated and passed out in building. Student disciplinary issue pending.
11/27 DT  Bookstore  TBUT under $500  Student had text books stolen. It was sold to Grey's bookstore on 2nd St.
11/28 DT  Student Lot  Vehicle Hit While Unattended  Student noticed vehicle had been hit in Main Student Lot (MSL) when she was leaving campus. No further information was able to be gathered to identify the other vehicle or its owner.
11/30 DT  Campus  Sexual Harassment/ Indecent Exposure  Student exposed himself to fellow female Student in class @ unknown point during the semester prior to Thanksgiving break. College officials were not notified of incident until after class was over for the semster. Investigation was completed and Student was suspended for actions.


Date Campus Location Type Action
12/05  DT  HFD  TBUT under $500   Subject entered Faculty/Staff lounge in building and was found eating food in refridgerator. Subject was identified and escorted from property.
12/07 DT  VTI Assault   A verbal altercation between two employees escalated to physical violence. Investigation is being conducted.
12/08 SHL  Bookstore   TBUT under $500  Suspected Student entered Bookstore and stole approx. $400.00 worth of textbooks. Subject was identified on security cameras and police report was taken.
12/12 DT  LIB  Alcohol Intoxication   Student was found in Library under the influence of Alcohol and was escorted off campus. Student will report to Dean of Student Affairs for resolution of incident.
12/13 DT  Campus   Armed Robbery and TBUT over 500  Student was robbed @ GUN POINT and HAD HIS WALLET and Cell Phone TAKEN BY AN UNKNOWN PERSON. Pending further investigation into this matter.


Date Campus Location Type Action
NA DT  Campus   TBUT under $500   Person left item unattended in office and was stolen. Police report was taken.
NA DT  JEC  Criminal Mischief over $500  Broken Window
NA DT  Student Lot   Student Code Violations  A Student ALMOST HIT SOME WORKER THAT was CLEARING OUT a LOT. HE ALSO CREATED a HAZARD FOR THEM. Student Code Violations (3.2.22& 3.2.23)