Interdisciplinary Studies Curriculum Honors Community

The ISC is a private college experience at Jefferson. You are encouraged to speak up, ask questions and even challenge the professor. It's an intellectual experience and a bonding experience you won't receive in other classrooms. Lisa P., AA, BA, MA

Jefferson invites academically prepared students to join the college's honors community known as the Interdisciplinary Studies Curriculum or ISC.

Open to nearly every major, ISC is a close-knit community of faculty and students committed to a broad intellectual outlook and preparation for the next academic level. In ISC, students are in class with others who share their academic abilities, preparation level and intellectual interests. The program is offered on the JCTC Downtown Campus.

Lively, discussion-based classes:

ISC courses are discussion-based rather than lecture-based. Students in ISC classrooms also are encouraged to speak, inquire and challenge. In many cases, ISC students are introduced to research resources or interactive learning that are more typical of graduate rather than of undergraduate education.

Experienced, engaged faculty:

In ISC, a group of committed and experienced faculty not only helps students master specific content material, but also provide skills, techniques, and assignments focused on preparation for success at the university level.

Interdisciplinary: Learn across multiple courses:

ISC courses include Algebra, English, History, Political Science, and Psychology; each supporting associate degree programs. ISC courses also transfer into four-year programs.

They are taught by a core team of faculty, who demonstrate the interrelationships of various disciplines. Students studying English literature, for example, also will learn the history behind the story, giving the story life and relevance.

Successful Graduates:

ISC graduates frequently go on to receive bachelor s and advanced degrees from some of the nation s most recognized universities.


  • Admission to Jefferson Community & Technical College
  • 25 ACT in Reading and English or 90 COMPASS in English and Reading
  • Interview with Program Department Head


  • Small classes; no more than 20 students
  • Students in the Honors/ISC program bypass English 101 and 102, enrolling directly into ENG 105
  • Honors/ISC students have individual advisors and are able to register for classes two weeks prior to other students
  • Students pay JCTC tuition, which is typically one-third to one-fourth that of four-year institutions.
  • Studies show that on average students who transfer into a four-year college with an associate degree earn a bachelor's degree faster and with better grades than students who start at a four-year.


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