Carrollton Campus

As part of SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration), first-time freshmen will take their placement test BEFORE new student orientation. First-time Freshmen may register for a testing session on Eventbrite.

All other placement tests and retests are done by appointment only.

Students with disabilities who need accommodations should contact the Downtown Access Ability Resource Center at 502.213.2375 or 502.213.2477.


There is no cashiering at the Carrollton Campus. All Jefferson current and entering students seeking a retest will be required to pay for the assessment in the student self-service prior to receiving their score report. All Dual Credit students seeking a retest will be required to bring a money order in the amount of their retest total. (Each section costs $7 to retest.)

Contact Information and Office Location:

  • Carrollton Campus
  • Phone:  502.213.5211