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KYOTE Exam Information

KYOTE recommended browsers:

  •  Mozilla Firefox 6.01 or later for either Windows or Macs. No plugins are necessary when using these browsers. The latest version of Firefox can be downloaded.
  • Google Chrome requires no plugins and can be used to take KYOTE exams.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or later for Windows, not including 11.0. The latest version can be downloaded. In order to administer the mathematics exams, the Design Science MathPlayer should be downloaded.
  • Warning: Using non-recommended browsers can cause mathematical expressions to be improperly displayed, resulting in incoherent questions, missing answerchoices and no correct answer choice. This problem most often occurs when using Internet Explorer without installing MathPlayer.

Calculator and Exam Materials Policy

The KYOTE program uses the KDE Calculator Policy that can be found on the K-PREP page of the KDE website:

Students should only bring blank paper, a pencil or a pen, and a permitted calculator to a mathematics exam. A permitted calculator meets the requirements specified in the KDE calculator policy. No other electronic devices, formula sheets or other written material are permitted.