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REFUNDS (BankMobile)

When will I receive my refund/residual check?

KCTCS has partnered with BankMobile Disbursements, a financial services company focused solely on higher education, to process student refund payments. 

Helpful Refund Tips

  1. Select your refund preference
    • Having an active refund preference will help you gets refunds quicker and more securely
    • Log into MyPath
    • Go to Student Self-service and click on Account Balance tile
    • Click “Select Refund Preference”
  2. Remember your BankMobile password!
    • To make changes to your refund preference or check the status of a refund, log in at
    • If you can’t access your account, contact BankMobile at (877) 327-9515
  3. Update your address
    • If you move, change your address in your student account AND your BankMobile account. This is especially important if you receive refunds as paper checks.
  4. Check email account!
    • Check student email account regularly, especially if you are expecting a refund
    • Questions about a refund can be sent to the Bursar Office at