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CIS/CIT crosswalk of classes

CIS class CIT class Notes
CIS 100 (Introduction to Computers) CIT 105 (Introduction to Computers)  
CIS 110 (Operating Systems Concepts) CIT 111 (Computer Hardware and Software) A CIS student can count CIT 111 in place of CIS 110 but a CIT student would need to take CIT 111 if he/she has not had an equivalent hardware course. The last time that CIS 110 will be taught will be in the summer 2012.
CIS 120 (Program Design and Development) CIT 120 (Computational Thinking)  
CIS 130 (Microcomputer Applications CIT 130 (Productivity Software)  
CIS 147 (Query Programming) CIT 171 (SQL 1)  
CIS 148 (Visual Basic 1 CIT 148 (Visual Basic 1)  
CIS 149 (Java Programming 1) CIT 149 (Java 1)  
CIS 155 (Intro to C/C++) CIT 142 (C++ I)  
IT 132 (Web Page Design) CIT 150 (Internet Technologies)  
CIS 210 (Communications and Networking) CIT 160 (Introduction to Networking Concepts)  
CIS 220 (Systems Analysis & Design) CIT 291 (Capstone course)  
CIS 230 (Advanced Microcomputer Applications) CIT 234/236(Advanced Productivity Software/Adv Data Organization) There is no equivalent single course for the new CIT 234/CIT 236 classes. CIS 230 will continue to be offered through the Spring 2013 semester. After that, a current CIS major would need to complete CIT 234 and CIT 236 to satisfy this requirement.
CIS 248(Visual Basic II) CIT 248(Visual Basic II)  
CIS 249(Java Programming II) CIT 249(Java II)  
CIS 252(Intermediate C/C++) CIT 242 (C++ II)  
CIS 270 (Database Management Systems) CIT 170(Database Design Fundamentals)  
CIS 280 (Internship) CIT 290(Internship)