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Nursing Conference dates

Preadmission conferences are held at 3:00pm in the Health Sciences Hall (HSH), Building A-South, room 166-B at 110 W Chestnut Street, Louisville, KY 40202

Preadmission’s conferences begin promptly; therefore, you must be on time.

Registration for the preadmission conference is necessary in order to receive a signed Academic Program Plan (APP) to include with your Nursing application.

  • Advisors fill out an APP as long as an applicant registers one week before the conference date and have the APP for you at the conference.
  • If you register later than one week, an applicant will receive an APP within one week after the conference.

We will schedule more preadmission conference dates for fall 2020 application in January 2020, so please check back then and we will have them listed here.

You only need to attend one preadmission’s conference and please be on time.

Check with your program coordinator for more information.