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Share and schedule in Skype for Business

Share your desktop or a program

In a conversation window or messaging window:

  1. Select Share Content and select an option:
    • Share your Desktop to show the entire contents of your desktop.
    • Share a Window and double-click the program or window you want to display.
    • The Currently sharing tab and yellow border around the shared content appears.
  2. Select Stop Sharing when you're done.

Send a file in an IM

  • Drag the file from File Explorer to the conversation window, or
  • Copy the file or image you want to send, and paste it into the conversation window.
  • Everyone in the conversation receives a notification, which they can accept or decline.

Send a file when you’re not in a conversation

  1. Select the contacts from your contacts list.
  2. Drag the file onto the selection.
  3. The selected contacts receive a notification, which they can accept or decline.

Change your presence status

Your presence status is automatically set based on your Outlook calendar. To manually change it:

  • Select the status arrow below your name.
  • Select the presence indicator you want to display.
  • To undo, or have Skype for Business automatically update your status, select Reset Status.

Join a Skype for Business meeting

There are multiple ways to join a Skype for Business meeting:

  • Select the Meetings icon in the Skype for Business window, and then double-click the meeting to join.
  • Select Join Skype Meeting in an Outlook meeting request.
  • Select Join Online in an Outlook meeting reminder.

Schedule a Skype for Business meeting

In Outlook or Outlook Online:

  1. Open your Outlook calendar.
  2. Select Home > New Skype Meeting.
  3. Complete the meeting request.
    • Tip: Before you send the meeting request, set options, like who can get into the meeting directly, and who has to wait in the virtual lobby.