Values | JCTC

Values and Vision


  • Academic Excellence. We strive to excel in teaching, learning, and student support. We engage in ongoing professional development to learn, grow, and improve.
  • Accessibility. We minimize barriers and provide educational pathways to technical and career training, general education and transfer, workforce development, and lifelong learning. To meet the diverse needs of our students we offer certificates, diplomas, associate degrees, and non-credit programming.
  • Collaboration. We build alliances with adult education providers, secondary school systems, regional postsecondary institutions, community groups, and business and industry partners to create seamless educational experiences. We are responsive and adaptable to the evolving needs of our students and community.
  • Continuous Improvement. We gather, analyze, and assess data to make informed decisions that drive institutional improvement.
  • Diversity. We treasure the many identities and perspectives in our community. We provide an inclusive, accessible, and safe learning and working environment that fosters participation and belonging.
  • Equity. We emphasize policy and practice that promotes opportunity and diminishes disparity within the college community.
  • Integrity. We act ethically and maintain an environment that encourages honesty, transparency, and accountability.
  • Respect. We recognize the contributions and expertise of all members of the college community. We understand that education relies on human connections, and we value the dignity and wellbeing of all people.
  • Stewardship. We exercise responsible management of the college's fiscal and physical resources.


  • Individual Success:
    • Students with a variety of skill sets and from diverse backgrounds can become participatory members of the larger community by developing the skills and knowledge base necessary to become self-actualizing citizens.
    • Students can gain entry to and advance in the workplace, resulting in pay commensurate with skills attained and personal goals.
    • Students can transfer to further education consistent with skills attained and personal goals.
  • Access/Opportunity:
    • Barriers to accessing education and training are minimized and the College provides the resources necessary for a diverse learning community to achieve.
    • Services, practices, and programs embody the ideals of an open and democratic society.
  • Workforce Development and Partnership Initiatives:
    • A vibrant and dynamic community of learners provides existing employers a competitive edge in business and industry and attracts additional employers to our service area.
    • Stakeholders throughout our service area recognize and value the synergy created when sharing resources, ideas, and opportunities with the College through training and outreach.
  • Community Value and Connection:
    • The College is widely recognized as a vital component of the community, an energizing force to address common issues, and a source of pride.
    • The College is a center of lifelong learning, personal growth, and values development resulting in an improved quality of life for the members of our community.