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Determining Eligibility for Services

The Access*Ability Resource Center (ARC) requires disability-related documents from an appropriate licensed professional to be used in certifying that a student has a disability and in the determination of reasonable accommodations for that student. The cost of obtaining such documentation is the responsibility of the student.

If the initial documentation is incomplete or inadequate in determining the extent of a disability, and subsequent reasonable accommodations, the center may utilize their discretion in requiring additional documentation.  Any cost involved in obtaining additional documentation to complete the documentation that has already been supplied is also the student's responsibility.

If Jefferson Community and Technical College desires a second professional opinion, the school becomes responsible for the cost.

Once the documentation is reviewed, it is certified that a student has a disability, and the student is registered for services provided through the ARC.  Students who are not found to have a disability will be referred to other campus and community resources for assistance.

Pending receipt of documentation, the ARC reserves the right to deny services or accommodations.

Meeting with an ARC Coordinator is the first step in the accommodation process. 

Please complete and submit the ARC Request for Services Form to set a meeting with an ARC Coordinator.