Deaf and Hard of Hearing Student Services Evaluation

Student Evaluation Form of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Student Services

Due before Finals

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We would appreciate your feedback regarding Deaf and Hard of Hearing Student Services (DHHSS). Please print and return to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Student Services Office, Downtown Campus, Chestnut Hall, suite 319, office C.

If you do not wish this information be shown to the department please emails your responses to


Faculty and Staff of DHHSS Skills and Professionalism Always Most of the time Sometimes Never
The staff is courteous and willing to address my needs/concerns.        
I have very little difficulty getting someone to reply to me by phone or emails.        
The DHHSS department is flexible and works with me when scheduling classes, meeting with financial aid and other departments.        
The staff can communicate effectively with me.        
My emails are answered in less than 48 hours.        
If I had a problem and needed to go to another department the staff was readily available to go with me or to make an appointment for me.        
The DHHSS department is accessible. I have no problems finding its location.        
Whatever information I share with DHHSS remains confidential.        
The staff treats me with respect, professionalism and dignity.        
My accommodations letters were available when I was told they would be.        
The Coordinator takes my feelings and suggestions to heart when securing an interpreter or expressing my dissatisfaction with one provided.        
The Student Handbook was beneficial to me.        

I am very satisfied with the services I am receiving from DHHSS (YES/NO):