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Note Taker’s Evaluation

Note Taker’s Evaluation Form (Evaluation by student)

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We would appreciate your feedback regarding the not taking services provided by our department.

Please print and return to the Access*Ability Resource Center (ARC), Downtown Campus, Chestnut Hall, Room 319-B by the end of the semester.

If you do not wish this information be shown to the note taker please put an "X" at the end of this line: 

Note Taker  YES   NO 
My note taker was dependable (good attendance).    
My notes were legible (clear) and organized.    
My note taker emphasized important information in the notes, such as due dates, project deadlines, home work assignments, etc.    
My notes helped me to prepare for exams.    
My notes helped me to understand the class lectures or videos.    
My notes were available for me at the end of the day.    
If my note taker was absent, I requested a substitute note taker for that day.    
When I was absent, I got a copy of another student’s notes.    
I had no problems with my note taker.    
If I had problems with my note taker, I was able to resolve the issues immediately.    
I do not feel any class information was omitted in my notes.    
I had no problems understanding the notes my note taker took for me.    
I would use this note taker again.