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Sign Language Interpreter Evaluation Form

Due before Finals

  • Student’s name:
  • Date:
  • Interpreter’s Name:

We would appreciate your feedback regarding the interpreting services provided by our department.

If you do not wish this information be shown to the interpreter please put an "X" at the end of this line:

Please print and return to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Student Services Office, Downtown Campus, Chestnut Hall, suite 319, office C.

Interpreter Skills and Professionalism   Always   Most of the time  Sometimes   Never 
The interpreter arrives on time for the class and is prepared.        
The interpreter dresses appropriately for this class.        
The interpreter is able to keep up with class lectures and discussions.        
The interpreter fingerspells clearly.        
The interpreter signs clearly.        
The interpreter understands the information taught in this class well enough to provide satisfactory interpreting services for me.        
The interpreter uses signs that I suggest.        
The interpreter uses signs that I understand.        
The interpreter uses proper facial expressions and body language for me.        
The interpreter manages the room appropriately (checks for good lighting, sits where I can see clearly, etc.)        
The interpreter is able to voice appropriately for me and seeks clarification when necessary.        
The interpreter works cooperatively as part of the educational team and maintains confidentiality and respect for all parties involved.        

I would use this interpreter again (YES/NO):  

Additional comments or observations: