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ESL Admission Procedures

ESL Admission Procedures

  1. Complete the Jefferson Community & Technical College Application for Admission.

  2. ESL MICHIGAN test.

    • All new students take this test before registering for classes.
      • The test will include writing, reading, grammar and listening.
    • Set an appointment to take the ESL MICHIGAN test.
      • Please make the appointment online. Then, go to: You can register for your placement exam here, and click on DOWNTOWN & TECHNICAL CAMPUS – First – Time College Student Testing - 2018.
    • Complete the ESL MICHIGAN test.
      • After setting the appointment, come to the Health and Science Building, Room 376, located at the North part of the parking lot between First and Second Street and Broadway, Room 213.
      • Please be sure to bring your student ID# and a photo ID with you for the test.
      • Your student ID # can be found on the final screen of the online application, or in the acceptance letter.
    • Select your orientation date.
      • At the end of your ESL MICHIGAN test, you will be placed in an orientation (“SOAR”), this is where you will be advised and registered for classes.
      • Please be sure to select the earliest orientation, classes fill quickly.
  3. Attend ESL Student Orientation.

    • At the orientation you will receive information about the College.
    • There will be Financial Aid, Admissions and ESL Advisers to answer all of your questions.
    • You will be registered for classes that day.
    • Please be sure to bring your MICHIGAN test results (All of them!). We will need them in order to register your classes.
    • Please be on time. If you are late, we will ask you to reschedule your orientation.
  4. Other Important Steps

    • Apply for financial aid.
      • Fill out the Federal Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible.
      • Apply online, or at the Kentuckiana College Access Center (KCAC) located at 323 West Broadway, 8th floor.
        • Call to make an appointment: (502) 584-0475
    • Be sure to send your High School and University transcripts.
      • It is imperative that you bring your transcripts, you will not be allowed to register for classes in the future if we do not have them on file.
      • Questions about transcripts? Email
    • Pay tuition fees by deadline date.
      • Classes should be paid by Friday the week before starting classes.
        • If you are not sure you have financial aid, go to the Financial Aid Office to ask about your financial aid.
        • The Financial Aid Office is located in the JEC Education Center (200 West Broadway), 4th floor
      • If you do not have financial aid and you know that you cannot pay for classes, you have to drop the classes before the first day of class at the ESL Office, Seminary Hall, Room 229, Entrance 3 or call (502) 213-2249 or at the ESL Advising Office located at the Seminary Hall, Room 239, Entrance 3, or call (502) 213-5106