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I-20 Information

Students who wish to receive an I-20 from Jefferson must complete all of the admissions requirements outlined at Admission Process for International Students" by the designated deadline.

If that is completed on time, the International Admissions Office will create a Form I-20 for you, which proves that you have been accepted to attend Jefferson Community and Technical College.  You use the I-20 to apply for F-1 status either at a U.S. Embassy abroad or while in the U.S.

The I-20 must be kept up to date at all times.  Any changes in information must be reported to the International Admissions Officer within 10 days of that change. This includes changes of address in the U.S., address in your home country, major, financial support, name and expected program completion date.

If you have a spouse or child under the age of 18 who will accompany you to the U.S., they each must have their own I-20.  They will use their I-20s to apply for an F-2 visa based on your F-1 visa.  Their information must always be kept up to date as well. 

When you receive an I-20, you must read page 2 of the document, then sign page 1 confirming you have read and understood the regulations and use of the document. The Designated School Official at the College should also have signed the I-20 in blue ink to make it valid.