Making Preparations for Travel | JCTC

Making Preparations for Travel

If you are planning on traveling outside the U.S., please be sure to review all of your documents for continued validity. If your visa has expired, then please visit the Designated School Official (DSO, Rosa Escalante) for further instructions, as you must apply for a new visa before re-entering the U.S. If you need to update anything mentioned below, please see the DSO. You may print JCTC schedules and bills from your student self-service account.

In general, F-1 visa students should notify the PDSO/DSO of travel plans when leaving the U.S. for a temporary absence, and travel with the following documents:


  • Make sure your current I-20 is completely accurate as to program of study, finances, program end date, etc.
  • It should be signed by PDSO/DSO on page 1 and it should be signed by student on page 1
  • It should be signed by PDSO/DSO on page 3 no more than 12 months prior to the date on which you will be returning to the U.S. Bring all previous I-20s as well if you need a new signature or if an update needs to be made, please see the PDSO/DSO
  • Current financial documents, copies or originals of your financial support documentation with your I-20. It is not required but recommended to bring JCTC bills to show you have successfully paid for your previous semesters.
  • Proof of enrollment. Bring a printout of your schedule for the upcoming semester to show your advanced enrollment. You may want to bring an unofficial transcript or print outs of previous semesters as well.
  • Valid passport. Be sure you keep your passport valid for at least 6 months into the future  and consider renewing your passport while you are at home if it expires soon.
  • I-94 card. You must surrender your current I-94 card when you depart the U.S. You will receive a new one when you re-enter.
  • It is recommended you keep a copy of every I-94 card you are issued, but you do not have to bring them with you when you travel.