Self Guided Tour Information | JCTC

Self Guided Tour Information

Walk out of the front entrance of the Jefferson Educational Center (JEC) and towards 2nd & Broadway; you are leaving the JEC.

In this building, you can visit the all Student Services offices including Admissions, Cashier, Records, Financial Aid, CREW Career Center, UPS, and ULtra Offices. Some of our unique programs at JCTC include ULtra, CREW and our UPS partnership.

Walk across Broadway and 2nd St. to the corner of 2nd & Broadway. Here, you will see one of our student parking lots.

Here at JCTC we offer parking right next to your classes. If you cannot find a spot close, there are other options shown on campus map. If you glance towards 3rd St., you might glimpse the Fincastle Building where JCTC students can live.

Fun fact! There are only 3 double-decker McDonald’s in the U.S. and one of them is at 2nd & Broadway.

Walk down 2nd St. towards the student parking lot. Once you get to the entrance of the lot, turn right and you will see the library.

The library has more than just books! Students can utilize lots of resources here: a research librarian, computers, DVDs, academic workshops, quiet study space, newspapers/magazines/graphic novels & technology help. The Library also houses The Learning Commons, where students have access to free tutoring services for any class.

Fun fact! There is a beautiful piece of art in front of the Library called “La Porta.” It was created by Arnaldo Pomodoro. The name “La Porta” is Italian for “The Door.” The statue is dedicated to Worth Bingham, who believed in the value of education as a door to a brighter future & who donated often to JCTC.

Walk out of the library and turn right. You will see the entrance to Health Sciences Hall.

Health Sciences Hall was built as an addition to Chestnut Hall and is dedicated primarily to our Allied Health programs, but these two buildings are connected by an atrium. These buildings house our Allied Health, Visual Arts, Communication Arts and Culinary Arts programs, our dining facility (Morris Deli), and the Krantz Art Gallery.

Fun fact! In the atrium, you will see JCTC’s Gallopalooza Horse by Mijung Lee. The Gallopalooza Horse initiative began as a way to beautify the streets, encourage local exploration, increase tourism, highlight local artists and generate civic pride. These horses are located all around Louisville and this one is dedicated to Thunder over Louisville, an annual Derby Festival fireworks show.

Walk out of Health Sciences Hall and towards the Library. Turn left after you pass the
Library. You will cross 1st St. and arrive at Hartford Hall.

The majority of our math and science courses are offered here and this building is the location of our Campus Security Office and Bookstore. Our Security Officers are available 24/7 and are always willing to help. Our Bookstore offers books, JCTC apparel, technology and more!

This building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Previously, it was the Louisville Presbyterian Seminary. The first JCTC classes took place here in 1967. Currently, Humanities courses are offered here. This is a great opportunity for a photo shoot! If you post a picture online, use the hashtag #GoJCTC!

As you walk out of the south side of Hartford Hall, you will be facing the back of Seminary Hall. Walk to the corner of 1st and Broadway to ese the front of Seminary Hall.

On the other side of 1st Street, at the corner of 1st and Broadway, you will see the Broadway Building.

Mainly administrative in scope, the Broadway Building is home to the Academic Dean and President’s Office. This is the last stop on the tour before you head back to the JEC Building where you began your tour.