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Liter scholarship background

Glenn and Jennifer Liter Scholarship in Memory of Rae Baker, RN


Jennifer Liter

Jennifer Liter, DNP, RN


Rae Baker

Rae Baker, Rn

The Liter’s have a passion for Jefferson and the students in this program due to Jennifer’s personal educational journey, and they desire to pay forward the support and assistance she received. At the age of 18, Jennifer met Glenn and began taking core classes at the Jefferson Community and Technical College Carrollton Campus. For several years she struggled to achieve success in her classes, sometimes failing or taking an incomplete, and eventually ended up on academic probation. During that time she took on the role of a medical assistant at the Rural Health Clinic in the Carroll County Hospital, and by 1997, she had finally found her passion and wanted to become a nurse. With the unwavering support of Glenn, and her parents, Richard and Barbara Garriott, she enrolled in the practical nursing program that was then housed at the Carroll County High School Vocational Center. When she was about to start her PN classes she had some issues with transportation, and the doctor she worked with at the clinic, Dr. Katherine Marshall, gave her a car that had belonged to Dr. Marshall’s mother. This support was a blessing and help to her educational journey, and is part of her inspiration in wanting to assist students through this scholarship.

Jennifer recalls that when she looks back to her first day of class, she remembers one person that would be instrumental in her career and educational path, and that was her stoic instructor, Rae Baker. While firm and no-nonsense, Mrs. Baker’s professionalism and support is what made such an impact on her life. Jennifer explains, “Rae Baker holds a very special place in my heart. She believed in me when I didn’t have much faith in myself, she was a cheerleader when she needed to be, but could be an authoritarian just as easily. I talk about Mrs. Baker often and I am convinced that I am the professional that I am today because Rae Baker challenged me. She consistently modeled the way, encouraged the heart, and inspired a shared vision. It is through this scholarship that Glenn and I choose to honor Mrs. Baker’s legacy.”   Jennifer