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Fall Academic Calendar

When reviewing the academic calendar please pay attention to the Session you are reviewing. Each class has a session that it is held within and that session code determines the calendar you should follow. It can be found on your schedule under the Session header. If you do not see a Session that matches your course check your course syllabus for details or contact the instructor for help.​

Academic Calendar

Fall 2019

Term 4194

Session 1

Regular 1

(16 Weeks)

Session M03


(8 Weeks)

Session M02


(12 weeks)

Session M15


(8 Weeks)

Tuition Due Aug. 16  Aug. 16  Sept. 13  Oct. 11 
First Day of Class Aug. 19 Aug. 19  Sept. 16  Oct. 16 
Last day to add either on campus or in student self-service or via waitlist and without signature Aug. 21  Aug. 19 Sept. 17 Oct. 16
Last day to add with signature/permission

Aug. 23: In-person

Aug. 25: KCTCS Email

Aug. 20: In-person or KCTCS Email

Sept. 20: In-person or KCTCS Email Oct. 18: In-person or KCTCS Email
Last day to drop and receive a 100% refund (last day to use Self-service)

Aug. 23: In-person

Aug. 25: Student Self Service & KCTCS Email 

Aug. 22: In-person, Student Self Service, or KCTCS email Sept. 20: In-person, Student Self Service, or KCTCS email   Oct. 18: In-person

Oct. 19: KCTCS Email

Last day to drop without receiving a W grade

Aug. 23: In-person

Aug. 25: Student Self-Service & KCTCS Email

Aug. 22: In-person, Student Self Service   Sept. 20: In-person, Student Self Service

Oct. 18: In-person

Oct. 19: KCTCS Email

Labor Day Holiday Sept. 2  Sept. 2   NA  NA
Last day to withdraw and receive a 50% refund Sept. 17   Sept. 3 Oct. 7  Oct. 30
Fall Break Oct. 7-8 Oct. 7-8   Oct. 7-8 NA 
Last day to apply for fall graduation Oct. 11 Oct. 11 Oct. 11 Oct. 11
Last day to change from Credit to Audit Oct. 14 Sept. 16 Oct. 28 Nov. 13 
Last day to withdraw without the instructor s signature and receive a grade of W Oct.  14 Sept. 16 Oct. 28 Nov. 13 
Mid-Term Oct.  14 Sept. 16  Oct. 28 Nov. 13 
Thanksgiving Break (No classes) Nov. 27  NA   Nov. 27 Nov. 27 
Thanksgiving Holiday Nov. 28-29  NA  Nov. 28-29  Nov. 28-29 
Last day for students to withdraw at the discretion of the instructor and receive W grade  Dec. 6 Oct. 4   Dec. 6 Dec. 6 
End of Class Work Dec. 6  Oct. 4  Dec. 6 Dec. 6
Final Exam Week Dec. 9-15 Oct. 7-13 Dec. 9-15  Dec. 9-15

You may email a request for drop during the 100% timeframe. Please send class information & your student ID# via your student email account to JF-recordsoffice@kctcs.edu.

Request email must be received by 11:59pm on the deadline date. The Online Withdraw Form can be found within Student Self Service, Academic Records.  A PDF copy of the schedule can be obtained from the Records office.