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College Assessment Tests and STEP Test Information

Applicants may take college assessments in lieu of, or in addition to typical ACT or SAT Exams. The Aviation Maintenance Technology selective admissions process acknowledges and provides points, in a tiered system, for your scores on these types of exams.  The links below will take you to sites that will allow you to sign-up for the exams.

KYOTE Math - Assessment test for Math

Click on the “Practice Exams,” any of the Math College Readiness or the Math College Algebra Practice Tests will give you a good idea of what will be on the test, and help you study.

Accuplacer - Assessment test for Reading and English

If you want to review material covered on the exams, follow the links below for free tutorials, practice tests, and sample questions.

For reading: use the Next-Generation Reading Sample Questions

For English: use the WritePlacer Guide with Sample Essays

IC3 Exam – STEP Test to meet the requirement for Digital Literacy without taking the 3 credit hour course.

You must purchase an IC3 voucher from the downtown campus bookstore before your testing session.

The IC3 exam is only given on the downtown campus.

Additional information and resources can be found at the link below:

JCTC Testing Center