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Information Security Track

Computer & Information Technologies Program Information Security

  • Effective Spring 2018
  • Academic Plan code 1101017089
  • Subplan code 110101712)

The Information Security option will provide a solid background in information security. Fundamentals of information security, offensive and defensive techniques, and security topics such as operating system security, network security design, or other security topics are covered. This option will help prepare students for entry-level positions of network security, auditing and penetration testing, firewall configuration, and computer crime investigation.

General Education Core courses:

Course Number  Course Name
 ENG 101 Writing I
 MAT 126 Technical Algebra and Trigonometry (OR higher)
  Social/Behavioral Science Course
  Natural Science Course
  *All incoming freshmen are required to successfully complete FYE 105 within their first 18 hours. Note: This requirement does not apply to students transferring in to Jefferson.

Technical Core courses:

Course Number  Course Name
CIT 105 Introduction to Computers
CIT 111 Computer Hardware and Software
CIT 120 Computational Thinking
CIT 170 Database Design Fundamentals
  Level I Networking Course
CIT 180 Security Fundamentals
  Level I Programming Language Course
CIT 293 CIT Employability Studies (1 credit hour) (This class includes an end of program assessment)

Note: Students seeking a degree at Jefferson Community & Technical College need to make sure that 25% of the classes that they take are classes offered by Jefferson Community and Technical College in order to meet the residency requirement.

Information Security Track:

Course Number  Course Name
CIT 182 Perimeter Defense
CIT 184 Attacks and Exploits
CIT 217 UNIX/Linux Administration
  Network Elective Course
  Network Elective Course
  Security Elective Course
  CIT Technical Courses

Level I Networking Courses:

Course Number  Course Name
CIT 160 Intro to Networking Concepts
CIT 161 Introduction to Networks

Level I Programming Language Courses:

Course Number  Course Name
CIT 140 JavaScript I
CIT 142 C++ I
CIT 143 C# I
CIT 144 Python I
CIT 145 Perl I
CIT 147 Programming I: Language
CIT 148 Visual Basic I
CIT 149 Java I
  University Level I programming Languages as approved by Program Coordinator

Network Elective Courses:

Course Number  Course Name
 CIT 167   Routing and Switching Essentials
 CIT 209   Scaling Networks 
 CIT 212   Connecting Networks 
 CIT 214   Microsoft Server Configuration 
 CIT 215   Microsoft Server Administration
 CIT 216   Microsoft Server Advanced Services 
 CIT 218   UNIX/Linux Net Infrastructure 
 CIT 219   Internet Protocols 
 CIT 260   Network Hardware Installation and Troubleshooting 
 CIT 263   Advanced Microsoft Topics OR other Microsoft Networking course as approved by the CIT Coordinator

Security Elective Course:

Course Number  Course Name
 CIT 284   Computer Forensics 
 CIT 285   Windows OS Security 
 CIT 286   UNIX/Linux OS Security 
 CIT 287    Cisco OS Security 
 CIT 288   Network Security

CIT Technical Courses:

  • Any additional CIT course not otherwise required by the option excluding CIT103 OR any other course approved by Program Coordinator